From his budgie smugglers to conspiracy theories, to being the nation’s new David Brent, Nick’s certainly made an impact going into the Jungle.

Chris Moyles and his team at Radio X had a lot of fun playing Nick’s tunes on air this December.

He may not have been crowned this year’s king but is Nick Knowles’s album number one?

Is Nick Knowles’ album number one? Screen Shot: I’m A Celebrity S18 E18

Campmate Karaoke

After the campmates made it into The Jungle Arms in season 18 episode 18, the group went into singing-mode for a night of karaoke.

Even with two worldwide pop-stars in the camp – Fleur East and James McVey – Nick was not shy in whipping out his guitar to perform one of his favourite songs, ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

Is Nick Knowles’ album number one?

After Chris Moyles took a liking to Nick’s rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ he decided to play it for listeners and get everyone on the Nick Knowles bandwagon and download the TV presenter’s tune.


During the radio show, Chris and his team managed to get Nick’s song to number one on iTunes.

Unfortunately, however, Nick Knowles’s album ‘Every Kind Of People’ isn’t sitting at the top of the charts at the moment.

With it being the festive season ‘NOW That’s What I Call Music! 100’ is the UK’s current number one on iTunes.

It may have only lasted a day but he did make it to number one, there’s no denying that!

What Does the Public Make of Nick’s Singing?

Since Nick spent his days around the Jungle tooting a tune or ten, the general public have taken to Twitter to express their views on the DIY SOS-ers voice.

Here’s what they had to say…



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