Is Prank Encounters on Netflix scripted? Twitter says it can't be real!

Is Prank Encounters on Netflix scripted? Viewers of the show have their suspicions that the scenes aren’t unfolding as naturally as producers would like us to think.

Prank Encounters launched its second series on April 1st 2021. The first instalment of the show received some backlash and now that season 2 is here, viewers are picking apart the Netflix series once more.

Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo observes the pranks from a control room and when the time is right, he let’s slip that the subjects of the practical joke are in actual fact not there for the job they thought they were, but they’re being pranked.

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Is Prank Encounters on Netflix scripted?

The topic of whether Prank Encounters is real or not is a difficult one to fathom. The series is portrayed as being unscripted. However, many viewers have taken to Reddit and Twitter to give reasons as to why they think it can’t be real.

Some viewers of the show have highlighted the show’s filming, with many suggesting that the shots are captured via a handheld video recorder rather than a stationary hidden camera.

The show is described as a “hidden camera prank show”, however, perhaps there is the addition of a camera team, too.

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Victims on the show have also been called out for having “fake” or underwhelming reactions to the pranks.

But, the Netflix show’s executive producer, Kevin Healey, replied to some Twitter users and said: “Good news for ya. 100% real. We make the best pranks shows for 16 years running and never fake. ever. Promise!

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The Prank Encounters cast

Prank Encounters does feature some of the same cast members in episodes. Some recurring cast members include Henry Dittman (Dr. Ritter), Mary Gallagher (Becky), Kerri J. Baldwin (Carmen), Sven Holmberg (Daniel) and Julian Gant (Burt).

However, the subjects of the pranks are always different and each episode includes two strangers who have never met before.

The casting company involved in the show posted a form online for cast members to arrange a Covid test prior to filming. Netflix has also previously stated that “All participants came in with the expectation this was a one-day, hourly gig and everyone got paid for their time”, so we can assume that there is a level of authenticity to the show.

Prank Encounters controversy explained

When Prank Encounters season 1 was released, the show was dubbed “controversial” due to the way in which participants were drawn to the show.

Viewers were concerned that the two subjects of the prank were attending the casting thinking that they were actually going to be employed and that it wasn’t fair on them.

However, as reported by Distractify, the show’s executive producer, Kevin Healey, said in 2019: “Everyone had fun. We make very clear to everyone that it’s a one-night assignment,” he explained. “They are going to have an adventure. They were compensated for being part of something pretty special“.

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