Property Brothers: Forever Home season 6 is airing in January 2022. However, fans of the show may be confused on January 12th to see that the usual 8 PM slot in the TV schedule isn’t filled with Property Brothers: Forever Home season 6 episode 10.

Drew and Jonathan Scott have been transforming peoples’ homes for over 10 years on their HGTV show Property Brothers. They’re experts in turning a run-down fixer-upper into a dream home. So, let’s take a look at whether Property Brothers: Forever Home is on tonight and when episode 10 is set to officially air.

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Is Property Brothers on tonight?

No, Property Brothers is not airing on HGTV tonight (Wednesday, January 12th 2022).

The HGTV show aired its ninth episode on January 5th.

Judging by the HGTV website, season 6 of the show is made up of 11 episodes. So, there are two episodes left in the series this year.

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Why isn’t Property Brothers: Forever Home on tonight?

Episodes of Property Brothers are airing on HGTV on January 12th, however, as per the TV Guide and HGTV’s website, a new episode from season 6 isn’t airing at 8 PM ET.

It’s currently unconfirmed why Property Brothers: Forever Home season 6 episode 10 is skipping a week.

However, season 5 episode 11, ‘From Starter to Forever’, will be airing at 8 PM ET on HGTV on January 12th.

When does Property Brothers: Forever Home season 6 episode 10 air?

The latest 60-minute long episode of Property Brothers, ‘Keeping It in the Family’, will air on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022.

There doesn’t appear to be a reason provided for the week-long gap in season 6 episodes.

The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan, have taken to Twitter on Wednesday, January 12th to promote the show prior to its airing. As well as airing on HGTV, the series’ can be streamed on Discovery Plus.

When season 6 episode 10 does air, as per HGTV, viewers will get to see Drew and Jonathan help renovate a home inherited by a woman who plans on passing it down to her son. The house has been in her family for generations and she wants to continue the legacy, so the twins have got their work cut out.

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