The X Factor - Scarlett Lee's RELATIONSHIP status: Is she married?
From Syco / Thames The X Factor: SR15 on ITV Pictured: Logo.

The X Factor - Scarlett Lee's RELATIONSHIP status: Is she married?

The X Factor grand final takes place this Saturday, December 1st.

Anthony Russell, Dalton Harris and Scarlett Lee will all battle it out to win this year’s show.

Scarlett has certainly won over the judges and the general public with her incredible voice, but what else do we know about the songbird?

What is Scarlett Lee’s relationship status: Is she married?

The X Factor: SR15 on ITV

Is Scarlett Lee married?

By the looks of Scarlett’s Instagram she is a married woman.

Scarlett captioned this post back in June 2018 “Love my early 4 year anniversary presents from me baby ?he’s the best”.

On her anniversary card it says “For my wonderful wife” and the Mr and Mrs Lee cushions on the bed pretty much secure that Scarlett has tied the knot.

How Old is Scarlett?

Scarlett Lee was born on September 20th, 1997.

This makes her 21 years old and a Virgo.

Where is Scarlett Lee From?

Scarlett is from Surrey, where she is a trained make-up artist.

She has been with her husband, Nathan, since 2014.

Scarlett’s Instagram

Scarlett has over 78,000 followers on Instagram and 11.9k on Twitter.

She often posts pictures of her and her husband and looks to be very much in love!

She is up against Dalton Harris and Anthony Russell to win The X Factor 2018.

Scarlett’s odds of winning are 4/1, Anthony’s are 8/1 and Dalton’s are 1/4.



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