Is Sexy Beasts scripted? Twitter debates realness of Netflix dating series!

Is Sexy Beasts scripted? Twitter debates realness of Netflix dating series!

Yes, dating really has got that weird in the 21st Century that people are willing to dress themselves up in prosthetics as beavers, leopards, devils, baboons and more. A new Netflix series called Sexy Beasts has Twitter asking a lot of questions.

The ‘Sexy Beasts’ put their looks to the side and their personalities to the test and go on possibly the oddest first date they’ll ever go on in their lives. Here’s a look at whether the show is real or if it’s all just staged for the cameras…

Screenshot: Sexy Beasts – Netflix

What is the Netflix series about?

Blowing all previous dating series concepts out of the water, Sexy Beasts is a brand new Netflix show in 2021.

Season 1 is made up of six episodes all of which dropped on Netflix on July 21st.

Each episode is around 23 minutes long and sees one dater go on three dates. Both the ‘dater’ and the ‘datees’ are all dressed up in full costumes so they have no idea what each other look like. They have to make their judgement purely based on personality.

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Is Sexy Beasts scripted?

The original Sexy Beasts show first aired on BBC Three back in 2014. Now, it’s been brought back to life on Netflix in 2021.

Sexy Beasts is an unscripted reality TV series, so it’s unlikely that specific lines are prepared for the show or that scenes are completely set up.

However, the fact that the show is a reality series and dating show means that some elements of production are planned and arranged. A lot of money, planning and hair and makeup clearly goes into the making of Sexy Beasts, so it’s unlikely that it’s a ‘free for all’ on set.

The conversations seen on the show and the decisions that the Beasts choose to make are likely all real. Netflix writes that “plenty of real, genuine love matches” are found during series 1!

Sexy Beasts | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sexy Beasts | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twitter debates the realness of Sexy Beasts

It’s safe to say that Sexy Beasts has caused some confusion judging by some viewer’s Twitter comments.

One person wrote: “Netflix, are you okay?”.

Another Tweeted: “Guys I’m in tears that this is a real show and not some strange hallucination I’m having“.

Someone else said: “A format like this would really be interesting to watch if regular people were on real dates with such a twist. Not that kind of scripted stuff w/ professional actors/actresses“.

Although some of the cast on the show, such as James from episode 2, write on their IG bios that they’re ‘actors’, not all of the people are, and according to Netflix, they’re all “real-life singles“!

The Sexy Beasts cast of series 1 have jobs including admin assistant, model, lab technician, professional Dancer and Graffiti artist!

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