Is Skint Britain on TV tonight? Has the Channel 4 series finished?

Is Skint Britain on TV tonight? Has the Channel 4 series finished?

New channel 4 series Skint Britain launched on Wednesday, February 13th, and instantly shocked the nation.

While the synopsis explained how the documentary would explore a few grim truths about the government’s new Universal Credit scheme, no-one was expecting to see a decapitated rabbit sliced and diced on a living room table in episode 1.

The following episodes continued to be as equally as graphic while the director exclusively revealed to Reality Titbit that a lot of the footage was too controversial to air.

So, is there a Skint Britain episode 4? And is it on TV tonight?

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Is Skint Britain on Tonight?


Skint Britain is no on TV tonight (Wednesday, March 6th).

There are only three episodes in the series, meaning it has now finished.

Is Skint Britain on 4od?


There was obviously a delay with the speed in which Skint Britain was uploaded to the ALL4 player following episode 1.

However, every episode has now been uploaded to and should remain there until the end of March at least.

Skint Britain Channel 4: Universal Credit

What is Skint Britain About?

The channel 4 documentary focuses on a batch of residents based in the Hartlepool area who are part of the new Universal Credit scheme.

This includes Graham, who is the ultimate pawner, selling everything and anything he can get his hands on – from old DVDs to doll houses.

However, Graham’s work may not be totally legal, with police suspecting him of stripping abandoned houses for goods.

But that has nothing on the methods that Darren resorts to in order to make money. Donning a handmade mask, Darren heads out with a Stanley knife to rob drug dealers of their cash.


Skint Britain Channel 4: Universal Credit



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