Is Sweet Home Sextuplets cancelled? Courtney and Eric Waldrop share news on the TLC show

The news of having one baby is enough for most people to start getting stressed. But in 2017, Courtney and Eric Waldrop found out that they were having sextuplets.

They already had three children. Then, with a total of nine, they began filming TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets! TLC is renowned for its eye-opening TV shows including Doubling Down with the Derricos, sMothered, 90 Day Fiancé and more. Although Sweet Home Sextuplets was a hit with fans, it looks as though the show won’t be continuing in 2021.

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What is Sweet Home Sextuplets?

Eric and Courtney Waldrop and their three sons, Bridge, Saylor and Wales, and their Granna and Popsie had their lives changed forever when they found out that they would be welcoming six new babies into the world.

The Alabama-based family of five became a family of 11 and, at the same time, the family was approached by TLC to film their lives.

Season 1 of the TLC show kicked off in 2017 and it was renewed for two further seasons.

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Is Sweet Home Sextuplets cancelled?

Yes, Sweet Home Sextuplets is cancelled in 2021. Eric and Courtney took to YouTube on July 8th 2021 to share the news.

Courtney was tearful during the video and said: “We have decided that what’s best for our family right now is to not continue with the show and that’s hard to say because we have the most loyal and precious fans.

From the very beginning of us finding out that we were pregnant, we have had nothing but the most support and love and prayers and we thank you guys for that.

She also explained that they were asked in the fall of 2020 if they’d consider a fourth season and they did think about it. However, because of their older children, Courtney said that filming was a lot to ask of them and they didn’t want their kids to become unhappy: “We had said from the very beginning that if filming the show ever got in the way of our family and it ever made any of our kids unhappy then we’d have to stop.

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First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

What are Courtney and Eric Waldrop doing now?

Rounding off their video on why they’re not carrying on filming for Sweet Home Sextuplets, Courtney and Eric said that they’re launching a YouTube channel.

Courtney also added that their fans can stay up-to-date with them via Instagram @gods_divine_nine.

She said: “Just because we’re not going to have a film crew in here and we’re not going to have a show on once a week, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to keep up with us and our life.” The family’s YouTube channel can be found here.


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