Following back to back episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16, episode 3 went missing.

Eat Pray Fight‘ didn’t air in the USA on April 14th but was instead broadcasted a week later on Sunday, April 21st.

So, does that mean your long Easter weekend is complete? Can we finally watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16 episode 3 on Hayu?
KUWTK S16 E2 – Hayu Screenshot

What happens in episode 3?

Episode 3 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians sees the reality TV clan pack their bags and set flight for Bali.

As with anyone touching down on the shores of the scenic and spiritual getaway, the Kardashians attempt to find “inner-peace” while on their vacation on a huge vacation.

However, as seen in the trailer, peace lasts all of five minutes as Khloe storms off from a family dinner due to a heated argument with sis Kourtney.

Expect plenty of lavish hotel shots and sweeping views of the Bali scenery in an episode which will instantly have you booking your next holiday.
Screen Shot: KUWTK season 16 episode 1 – Hayu

Is KUWTK season 16 episode 3 on Hayu?


You can wrap-up your four-day Easter weekend in style thanks to some quality chill out time with the Kardashians.

Hungover or not, mooching on the sofa with episode should 100% be the plan for today.

Hayu also offers a variety of different reality TV shows and costs £4.99 per month.


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