Ibiza Weekender is back, only not in the format you’re familiar with.

Season 7 had its highest average viewing figures since it changed focus from the Magaluf Weekender in 2015.

Now, the ITV2 hit has its own spin-off version – Weekender: Boat Party!

Weekender: Boat Party episode 1 – HILARIOUS new rep Charlotte causes chaos!

©Two Four Productions

©Two Four Productions

Is The Weekender: Boat Party on Tonight?


Episode 6 of Weekender: Boat Party is on tonight (Tuesday, November 13th).

It airs on ITV2, at 9 pm. Unfortunately, this is the last episode of the series!

What is Weekender: Boat Party About?

The same bunch of holiday reps, this time on a luxury yacht. It’s a spinoff from the main show, Ibiza Weekender.

The crew of reps will be sailing to Croatia and around its islands, touring the hotspots and causing chaos.

Jordan Davies and El Jefe are two of the mainstay characters that make a return, although a couple of new reps will also be welcomed into the gang.

Take Charlotte for example…

Weekender: Boat Party – 5 things we FOUND OUT from Charlotte Hughes’ Instagram!

watch Weekender Boat Party online

Boat Party – Charlotte

How to Catch Up with Missed Episodes

As the show airs on ITV2, catch-up episodes will be available through the ITV website.

They’re usually up within an hour of airing, so head over to the official ITV hub at itv.com.

Episodes stay online for 30 days.

Is This the End of Ibiza Weekender?

No, definitely not!

Ibiza Weekender has been commissioned for more series and will be back on your TV screen come summer 2019.

Hell, if this spin-off goes well then you could be lucky enough to have both Ibiza Weekender and The Weekender Boat Party!