Is there a NEW The Inbetweeners movie? - What about a new series?

E4 often tortures us with re-runs of The Inbetweeners.

Will, Neil, Jay and Simon often occupy the late night midweek TV with The Inbetweeners 2 a must-watch weekend movie – no matter how many times you’ve seen it!

But is there a new The Inbetweeners movie in the pipeline? That’s what we all want to see!

Inbetweeners 10th Anniversary – Channel 4 press release

Is there a New The Inbetweeners Movie?

Earlier in the year, there was the release of The Festival, which was dubbed an ‘unofficial Inbetweeners 3 movie’.

While the humour was often similar it definitely wasn’t as rewarding as another instalment of The Inbetweeners. For starters, it only included Simon. Who wasn’t even playing Simon!

At this stage, there has been no confirmation or even hint that a Inbetweeners 3 film could be in future production.

Things look bleak for now!

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Is There a New Inbetweeners Series?

A new The Inbetweeners season looks much more likely than a movie at this stage.

Joe Thomas, who played Simon, hinted at a potential follow-up series down the line.

He told The Sun in 2017:

I think that we are definitely too old now to do anything that is set in a sixth form. If it’s the case that you want to do a show about some sixth formers then obviously we can’t be involved in that, with the best will in the world.

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But we could do the originals 10 years down the line, married with kids. I mean, we can do that now. I would jump at any chance to work with those guys again — in any context, really.


What Can You We Forward to?

Fortunately, there is some new Inbetweeners content coming very soon.

A 120-minute The Inbetweeners Christmas Special will air on Channel 4 over the festive period, celebrating 10 years since the series first launched.

The show will serve up series highlights, exclusive behind-the-scenes content and plenty of embarrassing stories from the show’s producers.

And who knows, perhaps they will even announce The Inbetweeners series 4.

Fingers crossed…


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