Alan Partridge has completed a famous return to Freeview TV with BBC’s This Time currently airing on Freeview TV.

The hilarious TV/radio presenter character is brought to you by Steve Coogan, who has thrashed out several series and a movie since first appearing as Alan in 1991.

Alan’s last outing was in the 2013 movie Alpha Papa, before he returned to the BBC to launch This Time on Monday, February 25th.

Now, the series is steamrolling towards its fourth episode. So, is it on TV tonight? And what time and channel?

Screenshot: This Time with Alan Partridge - John Baskell

Screenshot: This Time with Alan Partridge – John Baskell

Alan Partridge This Time episode 4: Is it on tonight?


Episode 4 of This Time with Alan Partridge series will air tonight (Monday, March 18th).

Titled This Time, the show will be broadcasted on BBC One at 9:30 pm.

The series will then continue for five more 30-minute episodes, airing every Monday night in the same timeslot.

This Time With Alan Partridge – about!

The full title of the series is This Time With Alan Partridge and will be shot in a sort of magazine show format.

Each half-hour episode will feature investigative reports, interviews and small featurettes with consumer affairs at the top of big Al’s priority list.

Perhaps the episode that everyone is most looking forward is when Alan attempts to tackle the Me Too campaign. As always, in his own unique, cringeworthy and blunderous manner.

Steve Coogan told WTF with Marc Maron:

Me Too – there’s a whole episode about that. That’s such a difficult topic for anyone to talk about for anyone to say anything about, but if you’re doing a character it weirdly gives you this licence to. You can get things wrong in a big way and it’s fine because it’s him doing it.

This Time with Alan Partridge – (C) Baby Cow – Photographer: Colin Hutton

Alan Partridge and friends

Alan will be joined by a few familiar faces to help present what is rumoured to follow a similar format to the BBC’s One Show.

Those who enjoy Alan’s radio show, Mid Morning Matters, will be happy to see Sidekick Simon (Tim Key) in action as a co-host.

Actress Susannah Field will play fellow co-host Jennie Gresham.



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