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is todd hoffman returning to gold rush

Is Discovery's Todd Hoffman returning to Gold Rush?

Gold Rush season 12 launched in 2021. The Discovery show has been running for over 10 years and each season sees the gold mining teams do all they can to dig up as much gold as possible.

Tatiana Costa, Karla Ann Charlton, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness and many more familiar faces have retuned for the 2021 season. Now, viewers want to know if gold miner Todd Hoffman is putting his red hard had back on and returning to Gold Rush…

Screenshot: It’s Game Over For the Hoffman Crew | SEASON 7 | Gold Rush

Gold Rush in 2021

Discovery’s Gold Rush is back in 2021 and the gold miners are still experiencing their fair share of trials and tribulations in their bid to make millions.

Newbies such as Nathan Thornington have been recruited after Rick Ness was worrying that he’s not running at full capacity and had to hire people he doesn’t know. Chris Doumitt’s apprentice Heather Folster and Leah Turnbull are alos new recruits. Chris Kruse was in charge of training Leah up but the newcomer ended up fired early on in season 12.

King of the Klondike Tony Beets has also invested millions in equipment this season, so the pressure is on for him to make his money back.

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Who is Todd Hoffman?

Todd Hoffman is a Gold Rush OG. He came up with a plan to mine gold in Alaska in 2010 and gold mining also runs in his blood.

His father didn’t have luck in finding nuggets of gold in the 1980’s but in 2021, Todd wants to find his fortune.

Todd left Gold Rush in 2018 and moved on to pursue a singing career. Check on Todd’s singing skills on his YouTube channel. The Discovery star is also on Instagram @goldrushtodd with 107k followers.

Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel | Official Trailer | discovery+

Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel | Official Trailer | discovery+

Is Todd Hoffman returning to Gold Rush?

Todd Hoffman isn’t returning to Gold Rush season 12 in 2021. However, he is coming back to gold mining with his very own Discovery show in 2022.

The goldminer says in the series trailer for his show: “Three years ago I walked away from gold mining a beaten man. Now, I’m going back to Alaska, I know its a long shot, its our last shot…

It’s no wonder that Todd is returning to the field, as per Looper: “Hoffman claims his crew pulled over $10 million dollars worth of shiny yellow rocks out of the ground over the course of eight seasons on Gold Rush.

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