Here’s how to watch Top Boy season 1 online free before the highly anticipated third series is released later on this year.

The British crime drama series arrived on October 2011. Since then, it has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

It was renewed for another season. Now – finally – a third season has been announced, with none other than Drake producing the series revival.

So, here’s how to get caught up.

promotional still “Top Boy” Channel 4, Netflix 2011

Top Boy episodes online

Top Boy season 1 can be accessed online.

At the moment, you can find all four episodes from season 1 on Google Play.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay to watch them through Google Play. The episodes cost £1.99 each or £6.99 if all purchased together; pretty reasonable.

It’s a shame though because it appears they only have the first season.

promotional image “Top Boy” Channel 4, Netflix 2011

Is Top Boy on Netflix?

Thankfully, season 1 and 2 of Top Boy are available to stream on Netflix.

They are under the title “Top Boy: Summerhouse”. The name is taken from the fictional housing estate in Hackney, East London, in which the series is set.

All 8 episodes are readily available.

promotional still “Top Boy” Channel 4, Netflix 2011

Watch Top Boy season 1 online free

It appears that there’s no way to watch either season 1 or 2 online for free.

There’s a high chance that there are full episodes on streaming sites such as Daily Motion. However, this is illegal and not for us to encourage at all.

The best way to watch them appears to be Netflix.

Top Boy: Season 3

Fans were recently happy to learn that Top Boy season 3 will arrive on Netflix this year.

A concrete date is yet to be confirmed.


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