Made in Chelsea is often full of twists and turns. Series 18 of the Channel 4 show has seen more love triangles that we ever thought possible. There have been breaks ups, make ups and backstabbings aplenty.

The eighteenth series of MIC came to an end on Monday, November 11th leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.

Digby Edgley was off to South Africa for three months while Liv Bentley was staying put in England.

So, have Digby and Olivia split? What’s the latest with the SW3 couple?

Screen Shot: MIC S17 E4 Digby and Olivia split

Liv and Digby’s relationship

Of all the Made in Chelsea couples, Liv and Digby’s relationship is certainly one of the more turbulent.

The Liv and Digby rollercoaster had its downs in series 16 and its ups in season 17.

Everything looked peachy between the pair in Made in Chelsea’s most recent season with Liv even talking about babies! So, what on earth has happened?

Digby did announce during series 18 that he was headed for South Africa for three months for work and things looked to be rocky from there.

Liv was crying during a few episodes saying that she wasn’t sure how their future would pan out.

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Have Digby and Olivia split?

By the looks of Digby Edgley’s Instagram on November 19th 2019, he and Liv Bentley have split.

Diggers took to Instagram to share a snap of himself captioned “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.”

He’s also no longer following Olivia on Instagram, so it looks like things may not have ended amicably between the pair! Ouch!

Olivia confirms fears with Celebs Go Dating 2020 role

On Thursday, November 21st, Olivia and Digby’s relationship was confirmed to be over when Olivia was announced as one of six celebrities on the 2020 series of Celebs Go Dating.

The E4 dating show is exclusively for singles and will film its series over December and January.

Joining Liv is Amy Childs, Amy Hart, Dean Gaffney, James Lock and Malique Thompson-Dwyer.

But have Digby and Liv split up before?

Yes, Liv and Digby have split and got back together a fair few times before However, they’ve only ever split up during episodes of Made in Chelsea and never publicly like this.

Made in Chelsea: Croatia saw the pair split but then they patched things up. Then things really took a turn for the worst when Liv kissed both Miles Nazaire and James Taylor on holiday in Canada.

Series 17 saw Liv and Digby yo-yo again as she said she’s “actually happy” with him. But by the looks of things, it looks like they have finally called it day.