ITV: Meet Sarah Hutchinson - The Cabins' tattooed model who "dies for a living"

Brand new ITV series The Cabins is here and its time to get acquainted with Sarah Hutchinson!

ITV’s answer to a winter Love Island, The Cabins is here to provide viewers with some kind of onscreen reality TV romance. The Spanish sun may have been replaced with rolling hills, but the ITV show is set to fulfil any Love Island fans’ needs.

Set in the UK due to the pandemic, The Cabins sees 12 singletons get to know one another. However, there is a twist – and that’s that they have to live with their partners right off the bat!

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ITV: Meet Sarah from The Cabins

Twenty-six-year-old Sarah comes from Blackpool and says she’s been single for “a really long time”.

The model, who cites Emma Watson and Megan Fox as celebrity crushes, already has over 10,000 followers on Instagram (@_sarahhhutchinson). And her social media following is only going to increase after her reality TV debut this January.

Speaking to ITV, Sarah says that she classifies herself as a lesbian but has dated men in the past. A preview of The Cabins shows Sarah and Charlotte chatting about one night stands on their first date!

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Sarah’s modelling jobs

It seems as though Sarah is something of a Jack of all trades! The 26-year-old is a waitress, model, actress, fitness model and coach.

Sarah is a murder mystery actress and speaking to ITV, she said: “I die for a living… so that’s cool. I get paid for it with my murder mystery work. I always play the nasty one.

She also stays in incredible shape as she’s a personal trainer and fitness model!

Sarah Hutchinson: Tattoos

Sarah clearly has a lot of tattoos. However, she regrets some of the ink she’s had done.

Speaking to ITV, Sarah said that she had seven tattoos covered up “on her ar**” as well as “a really bad one on her foot”. She added: “So I’ve got a sword that you can see ‘ready, set go’ underneath. It’s just a mess.

Since her earlier days on Instagram in 2018, it looks as though Sarah has had a lot more tattoos added to her bod!



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