ITV: Meet The Cabins' Jess Evans - Instagram to job of the Disney fan!

Let’s get to know Jess Evans – The Cabins’ happy-go-lucky single lady!

Dating in a pandemic is near on impossible. But thankfully, there are a bunch of reality TV starlets ready to let viewers live through them on new show The Cabins!

Withdrawal symptoms of Love Island will hopefully be cured with a brand new ITV dating show on January 4th 2021.

The Cabins sees potential couples live together within hours of meeting. Should the pair get on, they can choose to move into the cabin, however, they can also check out if things don’t go so well.

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ITV The Cabins: Who is Jess Evans?

Hailing from Newport, South Wales, Jess and her colourful jacket make an arrival on The Cabins.

The 24-year-old is looking “for the male version of herself” according to ITV and says that her parents would describe her as “one of a kind”.

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Ambitious, adventurous and outgoing are three words Jess uses to describe herself and after being single for two years, the blonde bombshell is ready to take on the world of dating in a very alternative manner on the ITV2 show.

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Jess’ career

According to ITV, Jess says that she has a crazy lifestyle and her job could definitely have something to do with that.

She currently works at her local pub and bingo hall. But, previous to that, Jess worked at Walt Disney World, a job that took her across the world.

Who knows – Jess’ career could now swerve into the reality TV sector following her appearance on The Cabins!

Meet Jess Evans on Instagram

A quick glance as Jess’ Instagram (@jessevanssxx) and viewers will see that she’s a huge Disney World fan.

Jess used to work at the theme park, but it looks as though her love of Disney goes farther than just work.

Many of her Instagram highlights capture her experience of the Disney Cultural Representative Program. Jess’ IG posts date back all the way to 2012 and she’s uploaded all kinds of photos from family snaps to photos of her old pets, delicious-looking dinners and fun holiday pics.

Fun-loving Jess should have no issue in hitting it off with her partner on The Cabins if her IG is anything to go by!



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