ITV: Who is Mamudo from The Cabins? Football career to Instagram!

Want to know more about who Mamudo is from The Cabins? Wonder no more!

Episode 1 of the all-new ITV2 series kicks off from Monday, January 4th. Mamudo and eleven other single hopefuls will be taking part in the brand new dating show dubbed to be Love Island’s winter version!

‘Checking out’ and ‘moving in’ aren’t usually associated with first dates. But, in the world of reality TV, anything goes.

Hopeful singletons date each other with just one condition – they have to move in together on The Cabins. A cosy winter cabin is something most people would adore during the chilly season – but not if you don’t hit it off with your date!

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ITV The Cabins: Who is Mamudo?

Twenty-three-year-old Mamudo is a football player and coach.

He hails from Liverpool and includes both a Portuguese and Guinea-Bissau flag on his IG profile.

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Family, football and food look to be at the centre of Mamudo’s world. The Cabins star even has his own food page, Mamudo’s Kitchen, on Instagram which launched in 2020.

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Meet Mamudo on Instagram

At the time of writing, Mamudo has a following of over 3,000 on Instagram. That number is sure to skyrocket once he makes an appearance on the ITV show on January 4th.

Speaking to ITV, Mamudo said that he’s looking for someone family-oriented. The 23-year-old is clearly very family-focused and often posts pics of himself with his nearest and dearest.

He’s clearly a man of many talents. With football and culinary skills under his belt, Mamudo also speaks a multitude of languages including Portuguese, French, Spanish and Creole.

Anyone who has watched Mamudo’s cooking videos on his Mamudo’s Kitchen IG page will know that he comes with a lot of energy. The Cabins star creates all kinds of dishes from Portuguese salmon to chicken and lamb chops.

Mamudo Dabo’s football career

Mamudo plays football professionally for Tranmere Rovers Football Club in Merseyside, Liverpool. His team ranks 13th in Football League Two.

The striker is 6ft 6 and often takes to IG to share photos and videos of himself playing football.

According to ITV, he’s looking for someone to “match his energy” and describes himself as “fun, positive and vibrant”.



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