Jack Fowler shower scene and 6 reasons we NEED more of him on TV!

The Series 4 Love Island final airs tonight (Monday 30th July) and if the British public has gained anything from this year’s Love Island, it’s Jack Fowler.

We couldn’t believe it in episode 45 when this charming chap was taken away from our TV screens.

Jack described leaving the villa as ‘bittersweet’ – how do you think we feel, Jack!

Here are 7 reasons why Love Island’s Jack Fowler has to stay on our TV screens.

1. Jack Fowler’s Smile

Well, the smile, the eyes, the hair… the body.

Ok, everything about Jack Fowler is quite simply perfect and we will not rest until he returns to our telly.

2. Jack Worked His Way Out Of A Love Triangle

He spent his time in the villa being part of a messy love triangle and didn’t even lose any friends in the process – now that’s impressive.

A few sly jabs from ‘Old Laura’ during the lie detector challenge was about it.


Jack being Jack, though, he got away with that one pretty lightly.

3. Jack ‘OluwaJack’ Fowler

While Jack was catching rays in Majorca, social media was going berserk dubbing him ‘OluwaJack’.

The nickname emerged just a day after he entered the villa and people began asking questions about his accent.

Jack later explained that he is half St Helenian and grew up in London, giving him his unique accent.

4. The Baby Challenge

Jack melted our hearts in Episode 45.

After seeing what he would be like as a father, most of the female population were blown away…

Or asking that he father their child!

5. That Dancing in The Shower

Jack turned some heads with his dance moves in the villa shower.

And let’s take a minute to remember the fireman challenge while we’re at it.

6. Jack’s Dancing Full Stop

In the short time he spent on Love Island, Jack has already proven he’s a one-man-band.

In our eyes, he’s the definition of entertainment, anyway.

For the dancing and singing alone, he’s got to have his own show. Surely!

7. Jack’s Simply An All-Round Top Guy

And, now he’s only gone and been the absolute legend he is again.

Watch Jack greeting his best friend back on home turf.

Jack’s time in the villa was certainly cut short but let’s hope we get to see more of him on our screens in the future.

ITV please arrange a spin-off show!


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