Jaime Xie’s net worth is a hot topic since she’s appeared on brand new Netflix series Bling Empire.

The stars of Bling Empire are certainly living their best life with events, parties and shopping trips taking place in almost every episode.

Episode 5 saw a Shaman give Jaime advice. He said she should trust herself more. Jaime related this to having to make a hard decision that day about a Bottega Veneta pouch bag, she said: “There was a ‘nude colour and a mist colour” which left her friends in stitches. So, we can assume her net worth is pretty high…

jaime xie net worth
Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

Who is Jaime Xie?

Jaime Xie is one of the main members of the Bling Empire cast. She’s often seen during the series eating out with Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim and Kelly Mi Li as well as heading out on shopping trips with Christine Chiu.

During the show, she reveals that she quit college and wanted to be an Olympic horse rider. Speaking of her hobby, Jaime said that her ponies are expensive and cost more than $200,000 each! She added: “My horses fly emirates“.

When it came to her life’s ambition, Jaime said: “I realised how much I loved fashion more and my parents were like ‘whatever Jaime’“.

Jaime, Kim Lee and Kevin could be seen hanging out poolside during Bling Empire where she revealed that her rent cost $19,000 per month. Kevin added that his shared accomodation, in the heart of LA, set him back $1,000.

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Jaime Xie net worth

Kane explained during Bling Empire that Jaime’s money comes from her family.

He said Jaime’s essentially hit the jackpot as her spending money and living allowance is taken care of and her lifestyle is mainly made up of riding horses and taking pictures!

Jaime has over 300k followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel with over 50k subscribers. So, we can assume that she makes some money through social media. She’s also graced the cover of Bazaar magazine and has featured in Vogue.

However, it’s likely that the majority of her funds come through her parents. The Cinemaholic estimates Jaime’s net worth at $50m.

Bling Empire: Jaime Xie’s father

Given the fact that most of Jaime’s money comes from her family. Let’s take a look at who her parents are.

Kane explained during Bling Empire episode 1: “Her dads a wealthy billionaire. Her money comes from Silicon Valley“.

Jaime’s dad, Ken Xie, is the co-founder and CEO of cybersecurity company Fortinet. According to Forbes, Ken’s net worth is $4bn.



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