Below Deck Sailing Yacht is back for a third season in 2022. The Bravo show kicked off on February 21st and sees the crew all aboard the Parsifal III for a third time. The series airs Mondays at 8/7C on Bravo and the show sees the crew and the charter guests sail around Menorca, Spain.

Everyone on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has their set positions on the boat, but some things really can’t be controlled on the cruises. From unpredictable weather and the difficulty of battling the elements to unhappy Chart Guests and unpredictable crew members during their downtime. Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 episode 5 features charter guests James Sr, James, Tyler and co, so let’s find out more about the episode…

James Sr appears on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 episode 5, Loose Lips Sink Ships, sees all kinds of drama play out among the crew members. There’s tension between Ashley and Gabriela and Tom gets some bad news from home.

During the episode, which airs on March 21st, the crew welcomes aboard charter guests including James Sr who is celebrating his birthday. James’ son, James Jr, is also on the trip as well as more of their friends including Tyler.

Judging by a Bravo trailer for the episode, James Sr and Jr are yachting with friends and family for James Sr’s birthday.

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Captain Glenn joins the charter guests for dinner on Below Deck

In a snippet of the episode, the guests and Captain Glenn are served lobster bisque and steak, as well as a lot of wine during the birthday dinner.

Chef Marcos’ meal is a success with the guests, who appear very pleased. However, the chef has had his fair share of complaints during season 3, too. A charter guest named Charles dubbed the food “disgusting” during his trip.

Below Deck’s Captain Glenn says the charter guests are very “real”

Captain Glenn Shephard has appeared in all three seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

He’s been Captain of Parsifal III since the show started airing in 2020 and it seems that he’s a man who’s not afraid to get to know his charter guests a little more.

Season 3 sees Captain Glenn eating dinner with James Sr and his family and friends. The Captain also took to Instagram on March 21st to share a snap of one of the charter guests dancing around him. One of Captain Glenn’s followers commented on the photo: “Some of these charter guests cannot be real“. The Below Deck star wrote back: “oh trust me they are real“.

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