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Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s relationship timeline: Made in Chelsea to Strictly!

Season 17 of Made in Chelsea finally saw Jamie Laing ask out Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo following weeks of will-they-won’t-they drama.

The storyline has led fans to ask millions of questions about the relationship over the 2019 season. Despite fans’ beliefs that they would fizzle out or fall through, the pair seem stronger than ever and are still dating on Made in Chelsea season 18.

But with Jamie confirmed for an appearance on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, there are questions surrounding whether the couple will last.

Here’s everything we know from what has been said both on and off the Channel 4 reality TV show.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

April 2019: Tabloids kick-start rumours

The tabloid newspapers kick-started the gossip surrounding Habbs and Jamie with The Sun leaking that ‘Jamie and Habbs had been having a secret fling’ following his break-up with Heloise Agostinelli.

Reportedly, the romance between the pair has also caused a massive issue with Habbs’s ex, Sam Thompson. According to The Sun, an insider told them:

Sam (Thompson) has been left devastated by Jamie’s actions. They’ve been close friends for years and Jamie knows how heartbroken Sam was when Habbs finished with him. Habbs should have been massively off limits – but instead he’s been hooking up with her behind Sam’s back which has really shocked their entire friendship group.

May 2019: Jamie Laing and Habbs explain they’re not dating

During an episode on The M.I.C Drop in mid-May, Jamie Laing decided to breach the subject of his potential relationship with Sophie Habboo.

Habbs was also in the studio and she hit out at the tabloid newspapers’ coverage, which claimed that they had hooked up.

Jamie said:

The problem is that in the press, things have come out like ‘Sam Thompson feel betrayed because Sophie Habboo are dating’. And that’s pretty awkward, it gets a lot of people upset. my ex-girlfriend is upset (Heloise Agostinelli), Sam’s upset, Habbs’s friends are upset. The article said that Sophie and I are dating, and that’s not true. I reached out to Sam and spoke to him and explained the situation but I haven’t heard from him since. So it’s obviously a tricky scenario to deal with cus’ I haven’t heard from him.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

June 2019: F*ck it, let’s just date!

With Sam Thompson refusing to speak to Jamie and Habbs’s friends deserting her one by one, the pair decided that keeping their romance under wraps couldn’t actually get any worse.

In the final two episodes of Made in Chelsea 2019 (episode 12 and 13), the lovers agree to go on a date and to explore their relationship further, rather than force themselves to remain in the friend-zone.

Hooray for love!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

August 2019: Made in Chelsea series 18 and the Rosi Mai bomb

Made in Chelsea season 18 reveals that MIC cast member Rosi Mai Waldon was sleeping with Jamie at the same time that he started to date Habbs.

She said:

The worst thing about is that I’m pretty sure it was at the same time as he (Jamie) was seeing Habbs. But it wasn’t just once as well. Even after the polo (when Jamie kissed Habbs at the end of series 17), he’s been texting me… he made a really big deal about keeping a secret and now I know why.

Habbs is sure to react badly to the news and once again question whether her relationship with Jamie is genuine.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Jamie Laing and Habbs

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Jamie Laing and Habbs

September 2019: Strictly Come Dancing challenges!

Jamie and Habbs will face a more challenging descent into autumnal dating as Jamie has signed up to Strictly Come Dancing 2019!

The BBC show has become synonymous with splitting up couples and we all saw what it did to reality TV power couple Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson earlier this year… not pretty.

It hasn’t seemed to both Habbs as she told Digital Spy she was still very happy with Jamie, and Jamie’s Strictly appearance was not going to bother her.

Jamie even addressed the ‘Strictly curse’ concerns on his podcast and said:

The Strictly curse is where you dance with your dance partner, get really close to them… I think that’s what happened to Seann Walsh. So many people have got with their Strictly dancers. I will still be seeing Habboo, I’m not going to start kissing my dancer!

What do the fans say?

Fans have been pretty damn fickle when it comes to their relationship saga.

When the news first dropped, there was shock, outrage and disgust on Twitter. People just couldn’t get their heads around the two friends suddenly becoming intimate lovers.

However, having seen both of the MIC cast members act genuine and honest about their feelings, it looks like team Habbs and Jamie have won over the public.

What started as a gross ‘you can’t do that’ relationship has ended up a beautiful and truthful forbidden love story.




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