Jamie Oliver is here to turn your Christmas dinner into a delicious masterpiece.

The famous English chef has turned one of his staple TV shows into a very special Christmas episode.

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas takes Jamie’s strict and streamlined approach to cooking – where he focuses on using just five ingredients – and applies it to a range of festive treats.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas Christmas.

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas - Channel 4

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas – Channel 4

What is Jamie’s Christmas Show About?

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas is all about simple and effective cooking tips and recipes.

The one-off 60-minute show will cater to the busy lifestyles of the general public without sacrificing on flavour.

Jamie told Channel 4:

People are busy nowadays, so the idea was you could flick through the book, find something you fancied and you’d probably have three out of the five ingredients at home already, so you’d just need to pick up a bit of salmon or some mushrooms on the way home from work.

Some highlights from the show include Jamie’s top tips for the perfect Christmas turkey and his game-changing homemade stuffing that comes in the shape of a crown.

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas

Jamie Oliver with son River and daughter Petal.

When is Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas?

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday, December 19th – six days before Christmas!

The show will start at 8 pm.

If you miss this episode, however, it will be repeated at 1:55 pm on Saturday, December 22nd.

What Else Has Jamie Said?

In his full interview with Channel 4, Jamie opened up about how he usually spends Christmas at home with his family.

What’s your festive guilty pleasure?

“Cream soda. It’s the only time I buy cream soda.”

What’s your favourite Quality Street?

“The purple one!”

Is there any festive food you would say is overrated?

Controversially, Christmas pudding. It doesn’t work for me. It’s too heavy, like an edible cannonball. But by fixing my hatred of it, I came up with my version: I introduced stout, chocolate and more breadcrumbs, which means lightness. And I’m telling you, my one’s badass.

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas

What’s your favourite Christmas pop song?

“Band Aid. It might not be the best but I was the right age when it came out and it still pulls on my heartstrings.”

And your favourite Christmas film?

“The Goonies.”

And favourite Christmas TV?

“Only Fools & Horses. And The Queen’s Speech if we can.”



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