Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas is dedicated to one thing – your turkey.

Jamie Oliver will take you through cooking tips and recipes to ensure you deliver a showstopping spread of festive food with minimal hassle and stress.

Of course, the success of any Christmas dinner comes down to the turkey.

So, when exactly is the programme on?

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas

Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas

Is Jamie’s Quick and Easy CHRISTMAS on tonight?

Yes! Jamie’s Quick and Easy Christmas will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday, December 19th – just six days before Christmas!

The show will start at 8 pm.

If you miss this episode, however, it will be repeated at 1:55 pm on Saturday, December 22nd.

Here are some of Jamie’s Tips for your Turkey:

Turkeys Don’t Like Hot Showers

Jamie says:

“Never cook a turkey that’s just come out of the fridge. Get it out at least an hour-and-a-half beforehand.

You read stories about people running turkeys under the hot tap but that’s the worst thing you can do. Salmonella everywhere. You’ll all have the sh*ts.”

Turkeys Need a Rest!

Jamie says:


“A lot of people still don’t let the turkey rest after cooking, which is dangerous. People think resting the bird is some peripheral, optional, luxury cheffy nonsense but it’s not.

It’s still cooking inside with what we call carry-over heat and it’s also relaxing, so juices are going back in.

A rested bird is a much nicer, better-cooked, more delicious thing to eat.

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas

Jamie Oliver with son River and daughter Petal.

Save the Crown for the Crackers

Jamie says:

“Don’t waste your money buying turkey crowns. People do because they’re scared of the whole bird, which is fine if it’s more convenient for you, but you’re still paying for the whole bird so there’s no value gain.”

Go Organic!

Jamie says:

“If you can afford it, trade up to a higher welfare bird.

Free range and organic birds aren’t just better ethically but have better flavour, you’ll get better gravy from its bones and it cooks about 15% quicker.

Jamie's Quick and Easy Christmas

Jamie Oliver with son River and daughter Petal.




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