sMothered: Who is Jared Gopman? Career and potential net worth of Cher’s hubby

Mothers and daughters share a close bond, naturally. But, TLC’s sMothered takes things to a whole new level.

From holding hands during labour to helping their daughters get pregnant for the first time, there really doesn’t seem to be a lot that these mothers won’t do for their children – even if it means stepping on the toes of their partners. sMothered often sees the daughter’s partners pushed to the sidelines but they’re still cast members on the TLC show nevertheless!

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Meet Jared from TLC’s sMothered

Jared and Cher Gopman are childhood sweethearts who got married and later welcomed their first child in 2019.

Jared is a cast member on TLC’s sMothered as her appears alongside his wife, Cher.

The show is focused around Cher and her mother, Dawn’s, very close relationship and Jarod is also a huge part of Cher’s life.

The couple got married in 2013 and some viewers may recognise Cher from an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16!

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What does Jared Gopman do?

Jared Gopman is a doctor. He and Cher met at medical school as she was studying to become a nurse.

The doctor is based in New York at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

His LinkedIn page doesn’t state how long he’s worked in this particular role, but as per WebMD, Jared graduated from the University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine in 2016.

The site also states that he specialises in plastic surgery.

What is Jared’s net worth?

It’s well known that plastic surgeons can earn a lot of money. And Jared is based at a respected hospital in New York (Mount Sinai School of Medicine).

While some famous plastic surgeons such as Bill Aydin have net worths of around $2m, it’s unlikely that Jared has a similar net worth as he has only been in the field five years.

Cher’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. This figure considers her reality TV career over many years. According to InTouch Weekly, Dawn’s net worth, including her properties could be $250k.

Jared’s net worth is likely around the same as his wife’s. As per, a plastic surgeon in New York can earn $500k a year on average, so it’s very possible that he could earn $300k per year.

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