Fans who never miss the gruelling Naked and Afraid XL challenges, such as the 60 Day Challenge, have questions about Jeff and Laura.

Having taken on the Discovery show’s first ever 60 days in the jungle, the stars were left to fend for themselves and try their best to survive.

Two years on, viewers are wondering whether the duo are now dating, after they were seen supporting each other to come out alive.

The survivalists left a memorable mark on those watching, who are still quizzing if Jeff and Laura’s connection was ever more than friends.

Jeff and Laura: What happened?

Jeff and Laura took on 60 Day Challenge on Naked and Afraid, where they had to try to survive in a jungle in the Philippines.

The challenge did not come easy, as Jeff had a 105-degree fever and was hospitalized for meningitis after completing it.

During their experience, they cooked food and tried to hide it from others, but also often approached a nearby group to trek the jungle together.

They made history by becoming the first two people to ever survive the Naked and Afraid 60 Day Challenge.

Some fans did not agree with the duo not sharing their food with the other survivalists, and questioned what happened between them at bed time.

Viewers question if Jeff and Laura are ‘dating’

Since Jeff began starring on a new Naked and Afraid season, people have wondered what his relationship status is… and if Laura is part of that.

One fan who launched a Reddit thread said: “Okay just wondering but how many think Jeff and Laura are a little more than just partners?

“I’m starting to think a little more goes down after dark than just sleeping.”

Another wrote: “They definitely have chemistry. When they caught the eel, it looked like they were going to kiss. My bet is yes.

“They both said that they didn’t want to leave the beach, why would they? They are catching food and living in paradise.”

“The whole us against the world vibe is a couples thing. Sometimes I think Jeff seems more oblivious and Laura seems to have a big crush on him, but he may just be better at playing it cool for the cameras!”, one viewer said.

Naked and Afraid: Are Jeff and Laura dating?

  • No, Jeff and Laura are not currently dating each other

Despite many fans rooting for the show duo to get together, it looks like nothing further than being friends took place between them.

Jeff is in a relationship though, with musician Erin Munoz. He regularly posts pictures with her and their golden retriever Beck.

Laura, on the other hand, does not appear to be in a relationship.



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