Street Outlaws: Jeff Martin's No Prep Kings Camaro is for sale for $280K

Street Outlaws: Jeff Martin's No Prep Kings Camaro is for sale for $280K

Street Outlaws sees some of America’s best street racers compete for the top spot. The Discovery show has been airing since 2013 and the thrill-seeking racers will stop at nothing to have the best, fastest cars and win as many races, and as much money, as possible.

Since Street Outlaws first premiered almost 10 years ago, many spin-off shows have launched including No Prep Kings and America’s List. There are many cars to get clued up on and more drivers and cast members to get to know. So, let’s find out more about Jeff Martin, he’s selling his No Prep Kings Camaro in 2022!

Fight or Flight | Official Trailer | discovery+

Fight or Flight | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who is Jeff Martin?

Jeff Martin is one of the racers on Discovery’s Street Outlaws.

He was a member of the St Louis racing team during Street Outlaws Fastest in America. Street Outlaws Fastest in America saw eight teams compete for a $100,000 prize and racers included JJ Da Boss and Birdman.

Viewers are likely set to see more of Jeff in more spin-off series of the Discovery show, including Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, in the future.

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Street Outlaws: Jeff Martin Motorsports explored

Jeff Martin can be found on Facebook with a page called Jeff Martin Motorsports.

The street racer can also be found on Instagram @jeff_martin_motorsports with over 700 followers.

Judging by Jeff Martin’s account, he’s a family man with a serious love for cars! He writes in his IG bio that he’s also known as ‘The Sniper’.

Jeff Martin’s No Prep Kings Camaro is for sale

Jeff Martin is known for being good friends with fellow street racer Kye Kelley. Jeff formerly owned a purple pro-charge Nova that now belongs to JJ Da Boss, according to the Street Outlaws No Prep Talk YouTube channel.

Jeff also bought a showstopper Camaro from Kye Kelly before the No Prep Kings season. The 2018 Camaro’s advert features a rundown of all its specs and parts including “…full carbon fiber interior, carbon fiber wheel tubs, carbon fiber seat, carbon fiber tubing protectors on the chassis“, but there’s apparently much more to the vehicle.

He’s now selling the Camaro for a cool $280K on Facebook via Larry Jeffers Race Cars. A full walk-around video of the car and footage of it running can be seen on YouTube.

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