Jenna Hager turns a new page and stuns Today fans with weight loss
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Jenna Hager turns a new page and stuns Today fans with weight loss

Jenna Bush Hager is usually recognised for being former 43rd President George W Bush’s daughter, or for her successful career as a writer and in journalism. However, recently fans have been talking about the daytime TV star for another reason. 

Through taking a quick scroll on her Instagram, fans noticed that the Today Show host seems to have lost a lot of weight and is looking great. 

RealityTitBit have all the details on her weight loss journey and how fans think she lost the weight. 

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About Last Night | Official Trailer | HBO Max

About Last Night | Official Trailer | HBO Max
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park

Intermittent fasting helped her lose the weight

During a previous episode of the Today Show, Hager and co-host Hoda Kobt admitted they were starting intermittent fasting together. When they started the journey they said they were doing it for its health benefits – not for weight loss purposes.

The diet they specifically focused on was the 16:8 diet where you fast for 16 hours of the day and then eat what you want for the remaining 8.

Intermittent fasting has been one of the top proven methods for effective weight loss so the girls took the challenge seriously and both stepped on the scales live on the show in order to record their ‘before’ weights.

Hoda weighed 158 pounds (71.6 kg), while Jenna measured 171 pounds (77.5 kg).

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Dr Natalie Azar promotes fasting for weight-loss

In order to do the fast properly, the ladies wanted to learn more about intermittent fasting from a professional doctor. They visited Dr Natalie Azar, an NBC News Medical Contributor, to learn more about the method.

Dr Azar supports intermittent fasting and believes it is a highly effective weight-loss method. Not only does the method help people lose weight, but Dr Azar admitted it was also very beneficial to people suffering from Type 2 diabetes and can positively affect their long term health.

The hosts are yet to reveal how much weight they lost in total but fans can’t wait to find out.

Jenna is yet to speak about her weight loss publicly

Though her fans seems to all have clocked on to her noticeable transformation, Jenna is yet to acknowledge it in public. 

Her fans have been complimenting her in comments on her Instagram pictures and Twitter with someone saying, “wow, you look so tall and slender!” but Jenna is yet to respond. 

Although she hasn’t responded, according to People Jenna is being considered for a new NBC discussion programme where we hope she might address her transformation. This is just speculation, however, and nothing has been confirmed.



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