Exploring whether Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous is pregnant in 2021

Exploring whether Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous is pregnant in 2021

HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous has been airing since 2019 and features husband and wife duo Dave and Jenny Marrs as well as expert carpenter Chase Looney. While Dave takes care of all things construction, his wife is on design and she’s transforming some of Arkansas’ old properties into stunning homes.

Fixer to Fabulous is a TV show centred around Jenny, Dave and their good friend, Chase. But as well as the main cast members of the show, many of the cast’s family members also show up on the HGTV series. Chases’ dad, Joe, can be seen appearing on the show in 2021. It really is quite the family affair, so, let’s find out more on whether Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous is pregnant in 2021.

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Who are Jenny and Dave Marrs?

Jenny and Dave Marrs are a couple who work together to renovate ‘fixer upper’ houses in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The duo comes from Arkansas themselves, so there are no better people to reinvigorate the properties of the area than Jenny and Dave.

They put love and a lot of hard work into everything they do and live in a 1906 home themselves.

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How many children to Dave and Jenny have?

The HGTV couple has five children. They have twin sons named Nathan and Ben, an adopted daughter named Sylvie, a daughter named Charlotte and another son, Luke.

Dave and Jenny adopted seven-year-old Sylvie who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, after a difficult adoption process, Sylvie was eventually able to move in with Dave and Jenny in 2014, two years after they initially decided on adoption.

Speaking to People Magazine in 2019, Dave said that the family is “bursting at the seams” but he and Jenny are always going to have a vested and passionate interest in adoption.

Is Jenny Marrs from Fixer to Fabulous pregnant in 2021?

No, currently nothing has been published by Jenny suggesting that she’s pregnant in 2021.

Both Jenny and Dave are usually very transparent when it comes to their family life, so it’s unlikely that she is pregnant and the couple has chosen not to make a public announcement.

They welcomed their most recent baby, Luke, in the summer of 2019 and haven’t spoken about planning for any more children just yet.

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