Winter Love Island is officially a-go. After months of waiting, fans are now being treated to the first-ever Winter series of the show which has been relocated from Spain to South Africa for filming.

Laura Whitmore is a new host to series 6 of Love Island and along with the new presenter is a fresh batch of Islanders milling around our screens in swimwear.

As most people will know by now, it’s standard procedure to swan around the villa in next to nothing with a full head of hair extensions, heels and makeup.

But, we do get to see the contestants around the clock. And by the time they’re bedding down, the makeup’s off and PJ’s, on.

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Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Jess Love Island 2020 no make up

Love Island 2020: Jess no make up

In 2020, it’s pretty much a given that any girl with and without makeup can look pretty different.

And Love Island has its way of attracting the kind of contestants that take great pride in their appearance.

Early on in the 2020 show twins Eve and Jess Gale entered the villa. And it’s safe to say they both fitted the ‘pruned’ stereotype.

However, as all people do, Jess is bound to take her makeup off at some point. And it looks like viewers are taking issue with the way she looks without her face on.

There was about one person on Twitter in Jess’ corner, though, who said: “Is it me or does Jess look so much better without makeup.”

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Viewers make some nasty comments

As always the haters were out in force to state how bad they thought Jess looked without makeup on.

One Twitter user wrote: “Mike shoulda just said “listen I seen Jess without makeup and seriously Leanne, I thought she was butters”.”

Another said: “Omg jess needs to sit out in the sun with no makeup on her face… the makeup has SPF in it and her face is a different shade to her body…. like last on the Dulux scale…”

Whether Jess looks good or not without makeup, it’s safe to say, she’s just like any other girl. The 20-year-old clearly loves her beauty products including an extremely fluttery pair of false lashes!

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