American Ninja Warrior: What tattoo does Jessie Graff have on her shoulder and is it real?

The American Ninja Warrior Women Special episode aired on Sunday night, May 9.

The power-packed episode featured twelve women who competed in the first-ever Women’s Championship on the show. Meagan Martin won the championship episode and took home $50,000 as the winning prize and a trophy.

However, Jessie Graffe’s performance turned many heads too. Ever since the stunt woman appeared on the show, fans have been wondering if she got a tattoo.

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What tattoo does Jessie Graff have on her shoulder?

At many points during the show, we could clearly see a tattoo on Jessie’s right arm. When the stunt woman posted pictures from the episode, it became clear that it was a Black Lives Matter tattoo.

It featured the BLM symbol, with a black coloured clenched fist placed inside a circle and had ‘Ninjas For Black’ Lives written on the circumference.

As opposed to what many fans thought the BLM tattoo is not placed on Jessie’s shoulder but on her upper right arm.

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Is Jessie Graff’s BLM tattoo real?

So far it’s unclear if the tattoo is real or just a sticker.

Before appearing on the show, Jessie did not post a picture of the BLM tattoo on her Instagram.

She didn’t even share it on her other social media profiles.

If Jessie’s arm tattoo is indeed real, she is yet to take to her social media, post the show, to talk about it.

Some of her other recent posts on Instagram do not feature a BLM tattoo on her right arm. Hence, it could very well be a sticker.

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Meagan Martin wins American Ninja Warrior special

Meagan took to her Instagram today on May 10th to express her gratitude after winning the championship. She said, “It was such an honour and so much fun to compete with so many strong and inspiring women who I have so much respect for and who I’m lucky enough to call friends.”

During her performance on the show, Meagan wore black shorts which had the BLM symbol on them too.

Hence, it could be that the contestants chose their ways to showcase their support to the BLM movement on the show.

Jessie Graff in Wonder Woman 1984

The 37-year-old professional stuntwoman Jessie also starred in Wonder Woman 1984 alongside Gal Gadot.

Jessie starred as one of the Amazonian women in the film. She was featured in the opening sequence of the film, which showcased adventure games happening on the island.

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