Street Outlaws Memphis: What is JJ Da Boss’ net worth in 2021? Day job explored!

Street Outlaws Memphis: What is JJ Da Boss’ net worth in 2021? Day job explored!

Street Outlaws Memphis is back in 2021 on the Discovery channel from Monday, July 19th! JJ Da Boss has been a cast member on the show since it started in 2018. For years, he and his friends and family have been street racing and now, they’re back for series 5.

JJ Da Boss appeared on Street Outlaws since season 9 but now he’s starring in a show which is based in his hometown of Memphis. As per his Street Outlaws Memphis bio: “He has loved muscle cars since he was very young and JJ and his friends grew up racing every car they had in the streets of Memphis and Arkansas.

Screenshot: JJ Da Boss Wins Over $5,000 On Race Night | Street Outlaws: Memphis

Who is JJ Da Boss?

JJ Da Boss is a familiar face to people who watch TV show Street Outlaws.

He was born in 1973 and has always had a passion for cars. JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day who is also a street racer.

According to Realityshowcasts, JJ Da Boss and Tricia have 11 children. However, they may not all be biologically both of theirs. They also have five grandchildren!

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What does JJ do for a job?

JJ Da Boss’ job is essentially being a racing car driver.

Distractify calculates JJ Da Boss’ net worth on him mainly having a salary as a street racer and, in addition, being a TV star on Street Outlaws.

According to Celebrities Income, JJ also “started a business to make and sell parts of racing cars“.

As well as racing cars and any other car-related jobs, it looks like JJ sells merchandise such as T-Shirts, Decals and Caps via his online shop

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JJ Da Boss’ net worth in 2021

Given that JJ Da Boss has been a reality TV star for many years – Street Outlaws season 9 aired in 2017 – we could suspect that he’d have a healthy net worth.

As per Distractify, JJ has an estimated net worth of “$1 million, but it’s difficult to verify these figures“.

Celebrities Income estimates his net worth at $1.2m however, they add that this takes into consideration that JJ has a tendency to gamble a lot of money.

During Street Outlaws Memphis season 5 episode 1, “JJ hosts a small tire shoot-out where the winner takes home $16,000” so it’s clear that money is very much a vital part of street racing.

JJ also has a big social media following of 175k, follow him @jj_da_bossmso.



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