Street Outlaws’ JJ Da Boss and Tricia 2022 car wreck explored

Street Outlaws' JJ Da Boss and Tricia 2022 car wreck explored

Petrol heads all over the world tune in to see the racers on Street Outlaws do what they do best every week. The reality series has been airing on Discovery since 2013 but there’s a lot more reality to Street Outlaws than other TV shows, as whether the cameras were there or not, they’d be racing as it’s a true passion for many of the cast members.

JJ Da Boss is one of Street Outlaws’ most recognised cast members and he’s been attending car races since he was just a toddler. It’s a family tradition for the Day family to be racing. However, social media posts in January 2022 suggest that JJ Da Boss and Tricia may have been in a car wreck. So, let’s find out more about what happened.

Like Mother, Like Daughter? | Official Trailer | discovery+

Like Mother, Like Daughter? | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who are JJ Da Boss and Tricia?

JJ Da Boss has been a cast member on Discovery’s Street Outlaws since 2016.

He hails from Memphis and has a love for muscle cars.

JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, is married to Tricia, who is also a racer on the TV show.

Together JJ and Tricia have a family. JJ has 11 children as per Distractify and four of them are with Tricia. He also has five grandchildren.

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Was JJ Da Boss in a car wreck?

A Facebook post on a page called ‘Deep South Street Racing’ wrote on January 13th that JJ Da Boss and his wife, Tricia, had been involved in a serious car accident.

Commenters on the Facebook post wrote that the accident happened on January 12th at night in South Texas while filming for America’s List.

One user named Shawn Duffy wrote in the comments: “Both are in the hospital, JJ isnt too bad, Tricia not doing well guys , lets say a prayer for her“.

Later posts from Deep South Street Racing asked that followers pray for both JJ and Tricia as “they both crashed” and another read: “Remember guys I’m asking for prayers for the MSO family I know they would do the same for me…“.

Have any official reports been made about the wreck?

At the time of writing, no official reports have been published regarding the car wreck involving Street Outlaws’ JJ Da Boss and Tricia.

The Street Outlaws stars’ social media pages haven’t posted any updates nor has the Street Outlaws page regarding the news.

JJ has been involved in car accidents before as per Dragzine, where he made a full recovery, so hopefully, fans will see him and Tricia back on the show in no time.

An update was posted on the Deep South Street Racing Facebook page on January 14th which stated that “JJ Da Boss is out of the hospital“. The page also added details that the racer suffered burns on his hands and face and JJ’s wife, “had hip surgery and she’s in recovery“.

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