World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Who is Jo Franco? Ethnicity and job explored

Staying in luxury villas, exploring unique architecture or even opting for a budget getaway feels like a thing of the past in 2021. However, The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals takes a look at various places to go on holiday. And even if we’re not jetting off anywhere right now, we can live our best life through the Netflix show’s hosts.

With the help of Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Luis D Ortiz, Netflix viewers get a glimpse of the best places to travel – from Bali to Alaska, Miami to Finland, the Bahamas, Japan and much more!

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Who is Jo Franco?

Jo Franco is a Connecticut-based TV host that many people would have now gotten to know as she stars in Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

She previously lived in LA but moved back to her home state of Connecticut in 2021.

Jo is the CEO of @JoClub_ (Journal Club) and @shutupandgo – an online community of travellers.

She’s also a YouTuber and has over 120k subscribers on her channel. Jo regularly documents her life and recently posted a video called “how I ACTUALLY bought my house in cash at 28“, so it’s safe to say she’s very ambitious!

Jo started out on YouTube with her friend and together they created travel videos for their channel Damon and Jo on a Dime.

She has a degree in Marketing and Communications from Pace University as per her LinkedIn.

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The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals | Official Trailer

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals | Official Trailer

What is Joanna Franco’s ethnicity?

Joanna Franco was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When she was a young child, Jo and her family moved to the US.

She’s 28 years old and speaks six languages!

Speaking to Reality Titbit in 2021, Jo said that she considers herself “Afro-Latina“.

She’s a proud member of the Latinx community and she considers herself an “inbetweener” because she grew up in between cultures.

Jo said: “I’m African, I’m European, I’m Native American, as a Brazilian, I’m a little of everything, after I did my DNA test I found out I’m even part Cypriot! I’d like to represent the people who grew up in between cultures who don’t necessarily have a home anywhere, but because of that we’ve made the world our home.”

The Netflix star also said that this is part of the reason that she travels: “When I go to Brazil I’m a foreigner, when I’m in the states I’m a foreigner, when I’m in Europe I’m a foreigner. It’s just like where the hell am I from? I don’t know but let’s make the best of it!“.

Is Jo on Instagram?

Yes, Jo can be found on Instagram @jo_franco with 157k followers. She’s also on Twitter with around 24k followers (@jofranco).

She often posts content on her language-learning journey, and, as many would expect, there’s a whole lot of incredible-looking travel photos on her page!

Jo has travelled to over 50 countries and loves all things unique. On her new Netflix series, she shows viewers locations off the beaten path and specialises in finding unique vacation rentals.



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