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THE JOB INTERVIEW: social media role

The Job Interview: Could you earn 25k as a make-up social media manager? #TBT #FOMO 

For many of us, sitting on social media every day could be considered the perfect job. On Channel 4’s The Job Interview, we witnessed one lucky candidate walking into this ‘perfect job’ position.

Although flicking through Facebook sharing videos and endlessly liking things on Instagram isn’t exactly in the job description, a role as a social media executive earning £20,000-25,000 is generally considered a pretty sweet deal.

Series two of The Job Interview kick-started on Thursday night (15, February, 2018) as fast-growing cosmetic brand Ciaté announced their hunt for a social media assistant.

Helping to create sharable and likeable content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the brand needed someone with the following skills:

  • Loves following latest trends
  • A social media addict
  • A positive ‘can-do’ attitude


Sounds pretty easy, right? In fact, does this sound like you?

The shortlisted candidates for the role included media graduate George, who also had experience in fashion PR, brand strategist graduate and proud owner of three degrees Mieke, and social media guru Sophie.

Although all of the hopefuls had previous experience in social media, that didn’t stop fans taking to Twitter (Oh, the irony) to scream and yelp that they could do the job for Ciaté with ease.

Literally, the attitude was “get me a de-caf soya milk hold-the-ice frappuccino latte and I’ll do that job in my sleep”.

Stories of the Hidden World | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Candidate Mieke was the contender who came out on top, smashing the interview with a clear knowledge of the make-up industry and creating a standout mock campaign for a glitter lipstick. It may have been a lip balm. Or lip gloss. This is confusing.

If, however, you have an amazing knowledge of everything lippy, and you quite fancy the idea of earning 25k per-year  in a social media role, then checkout the following tests and questions from the REAL-LIFE Ciaté job interview. #YouCanDoIt

What is the biggest category in cosmetics right now?

Correct answer: Eyebrows and lips are the top two trending cosmetic categories right now.


How long do you spend on social media?

Correct answer: Basically every spare hour you ever have in life. And maybe when you’re asleep too.


Give us five words to describe what Ciaté means to you.

Correct answer: Ciaté is in fact an accoronom, so answering as many of these five words would have been the best answer: colour, innovation, artistry, trend, extraordinary.


Do you understand hashtags?

This was one of the most important questions in the Ciaté interview, which featured a ‘hashtag test’. An area that George failed at and crashed out of the interview process.

Applicants were asked if they new what the following hashtags stood for:


Throwback Thursday, Make-up Artists, Fear of Missing Out and Before Anything Else were the correct answers.

Did you just smash those four questions, well perhaps you should up and leave your job in the morning and become a social media something-a-rather.

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