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The Job Interview, C4

The Job Interview: Fashion designer can’t draw a dress - WTF

Channel 4 series The Job Interview has provided us with a lot of talking points after relaunching in February, not least because of epic failures in the interview room.

Up to this point, we have witnessed disastrous product knowledge and horrendous research skills. Episode three was no different. In fact, it could be the worse one yet.

U.K fashion label Chi Chi London was on the hunt for a junior designer, paying them £18,000 per-year.

Having reduced their shortlist from 156 to three, brand owners Gio and Daniel were after an employee with expert fashion knowledge, an eye for the latest trends and someone who can instantly spot the next best-selling dress.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

Italian barista Rachele looked the perfect match on paper, boasting a BA in fashion design and a wealth of London-based internships.

Could this be her big break?

Each of the interviewees carried those big folder things that only designers have for interviews before they were chucked into the deep end with some quick-fire questions.

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Question one: “What or who is the Chi Chi girl? What type of person is she?”

Only Ana, a recent graduate and current corset designer, jumped at the question without hesitation, responding quickly and efficiently.

Rachele, however, leisurely brewed and bubbled without a real answer, much like the slow drip coffee she is used to serving.

Not even the biggest folder in the world could have saved her.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

Screen Shot: The Job interview, C4

A terrible start got even worse for Rachele after she was asked: “what do you think Chi Chi’s favourite colour is?”.

While the other girls’ answers fell into a broad group of correct colours – I.E teal, fuchsia and pink – Rachele’s answer was hilariously in the wrong ballpark.

Like a ballpark across the street.

“Beige.” – She said.

Screen Shot: Chi Ci London interview, The Job Interview

The interview was wrapped up in comical fashion with all three candidates (there was also an intern enthusiast called Chandni) tasked with drawing an embroidered Bardot dip hem dress.

Okay, so most us don’t actually have any idea what the f*ck an embroidered Bardot dip hem dress is, but social media felt that all three candidates should have nailed this test.

The interviewers were looking for a drawing of a dress that exposed the shoulders, was longer at the back, and shorter at the front.

Ana’s dress got the dip hem correct but not the Bardot.

Screen Shot: Ana’s DRESS – The Job Interview, C4

Chandni nailed the task altogether.

Screen Shot: Chandni DRESS – The Job Interview, C4

While Rachele, well Rachel drew this:

Screen Shot: The Job interview, C4

Screen Shot: The Job interview, C4

Screen Shot: The Job interview, C4

A nice squiggle, but Rachele exclaimed that “she could not do it” despite the interviewers spurring her on and telling her to pretty much draw anything.

In the end, Chi Chi London opted for Chandni although it was Rachele who was this week’s highlight of the show.

At that conclusions your lesson in fashion.

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