The Job Interview: VEGAN asked if he would eat sausage rolls for the job

The Job Interview: VEGAN asked if he would eat sausage rolls for the job

There was a hilarious moment on the latest episode of The Job Interview, where a candidate was stuck between his vegan beliefs and impressing his potential new employers.

Episode four of the Channel 4 series introduced us to magazine Good Housekeeping, who were on the hunt for a junior product tester.

The role involved tasting various foods and testing kitchen utensils, something personal trainer James may have overlooked when handing in his CV.

Having lost “the spark” from his leisure industry, James was passionate about advancing his self-taught content journalism skills with the well-known magazine title.

And, with the receptionists thinking he looked like Superman’s Clark Kent, a role in journalism would have undoubtedly suited his look.

Screen Shot: Receptionist gossip . . . The Job Interview, C4

Up against fellow candidates Markener and Louise, however, all three made a shocking start when it came to the first interview question.

Not one of the candidates had seen the latest issue of Good Housekeeping and were left helplessly clutching at straws when asked if they knew who was on the magazine’s latest front cover.

Editors Lindsay and Michelle said: “We go to the trouble of printing half a million copies per month so they should be able to get their hands on one.”

Screen Shot: JAMES, The Job Interview, C4

Vegan Issues

The next task was product tasting, where carrots and hummus were dished out in front of the three interviewees.

Superman James flew past the test with ease, proving chickpeas definitely weren’t his kryptonite.

But, as James went on to explain what he would usually eat hummus with, he let slip that he was vegan, forcing the interviewers into pressing the matter with hilarious consequences . . .

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

James responded that he would be willing to do whatever duties the role involved, which left the ladies a little perplexed by his so-called veganism.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

We’re sure that James managed to offend vegans across the country with his willingness to smash 18 sausage rolls at a party.

The final stage involved hypothetical scenarios such as how to deal with spilt red wine to avoid stains.

Obviously, you sprinkle soda water on it, so that the bubbles in the water push the stain out of the water.


Markener crashed out at this stage with little to offer a red-stained carpet, leaving Lindsay and Michelle with a tough decision between Superman James and Louise.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

It wasn’t to be for James and a tearful Louise landed the role, a decision social media actually agreed with.

Which literally never happens.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview, C4

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