Joey Essex introduces us to the term “WEPSKINI”- Five Star Hotel

Joey Essex introduces us to the term “WEPSKINI”- Five Star Hotel

Episode two of Five Star Hotel brought us a new term in wepskini, as Joey Essex rammed the word down our throats attempting to invent the new “ream”.

What does wepskini mean? And will it catch on?

Well, If Twitter has anything to say about it, then probably not.

Joey was in classic comical and child-like fashion during Five Star Hotel episode two, messing around in the kitchen attempting handstands and carrying the breakfast plates on his head to impress guests.

Literally, an employer’s worst nightmare.

Screen Shot: Oh, Joey – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Oh, Joey – Five Star Hotel, E4

Four minutes into the show and we were introduced to the term “wepskini” when Joey used it to describe the two female guests that he fancied.

Joey loosely explained that wepskini is a hybrid of the words weapon and bikini.

We think.

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

It kind of means a weapon in a bikini. A female that looks incredible when wearing their swimming costume . . .

Needless to say, the term wasn’t one that anyone else had ever heard of, and it definitely wasn’t in the vocabulary of our favourite Made in Chelsea star, Spencer Matthews.

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Joey continued to throw the expression into our faces a couple more times, using it to describe the lady painting his nails as he set off for a spa day.

Screen Shot: JOEY ESSEX – Five Star Hotel, E4

Fortunately, Joe didn’t use the nonsensical term when speaking to his Greek native, although he did persuade her to meet for dinner after picking up a little line of Greek charm.

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Twitter was in awe of Joey and have definitely taken on the The Only Way is Essex and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here star as their favourite from the show.

However, his use of wepskini may need another few episodes before it fully catches on.

Well, if it ever catches on . . .

What is Five Star Hotel about?

Five Star Hotel follows celebrities Lydia Bright (TOWIE), Spencer Matthews (MIC), Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore), Ashley Cain (MTV ex on the beach) and Joey Essex (TOWIE) as they run a five-star hotel for five weeks.

International hotelier Mariano Armani watches over them in a sort of posh version of Ibiza Weekender.

Set in a luxury Greek hotel, the guests rate and review their celeb staff, with those scoring the lowest scores sent home.

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