Who are Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon Joe Pin? Meet the Two Steps Home cast!
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Who are Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon Joe Pin? Meet the Two Steps Home cast!

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon Joe Pin have recently began fronting HGTV’s Two Steps Home, where they guide clients selling and buying homes.

It is the presenter duo’s second show on the network, following their earlier renovation series Going for Gold on HGTV.

Since the new series began to air, viewers have instantly been wondering who they are, and whether they are actually a couple.

So, let’s put the paintbrushes aside. Jon and Mary may help others, but they also have children to look after when the cameras are turned off.

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Who are Jon and Mary?

The HGTV hosts are kept pretty busy in their everyday jobs. Jon Pierre is a real estate agent, while Mary Tjon Joe Pin is a designer.

Jon specializes in buying and selling residential real estate, and his wife Mary takes on full responsibility of the staging and design work.

Together, they run Harper Raine Homes as co-founders, to help clients who are wanting help with renovating their homes.

The couple have seen lots of success, from their business growing to becoming the hosts of two shows on the HGTV network.

HGTV is on YouTube!

HGTV is on YouTube!

Jon and Mary: Career and relationship

They went into business together when Jon was in the oil industry and Mary was working as a flight attendant.

Now, they have been together for 12 years and counting!

Mary has described their relationship as a “constant transition”. She said: “We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments and still are. There is so much we’re learning each day about our roles.”

The HGTV star continued:

You think about in your traditional sense when I was a flight attendant, and he was working his 9 to 5, we still talked about our workday. Except now, we’re the coworkers.

The couple don’t just co-host a HGTV show together, but they also run a podcast called Un=equally Yoked w/Jon Pierre and Mary.

Jon and Mary: Family

The hosts have two children together called Harper and Grayson Skye.

In 2015, they welcomed Harper into the world, who was their first child.

At the time, Jon stayed home with Harper while studying for a real estate license, while Mary worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines.

Then three years later, Mary and Jon were asked to do a pilot episode for a home renovation show, around the same time Grayson was born.

The couple then filmed six more episodes of Going For Sold a year later.



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