Julia Haart is the woman front and centre on Netflix’s new series My Unorthodox Life. The nine-episode series dropped on July 14th 2021 and takes a look at the life of Julia following her departure from an ultra-orthodox Jewish community.

Today, Julia Haart is a mega-successful entrepreneur who runs Elite World Group. Her work life, family and friends are all featured in the Netflix show, so let’s find out more about Julia’s ex-hubby – Yosef Hendler!

julia haart ex husband
Screenshot: Yosef Hendler My Unorthodox Life – Netflix

Meet Julia Haart’s ex-husband

Julia Haart has four children, Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam and Aron with her first husband Yosef Hendler.

Yosef stars in the 2021 Netflix series. He first appears in episode 2 when Miriam breaches the subject of wanting to officially change her surname from Hendler to Haart.

Yosef is 55 years old as per Stars Offline.

He appears to be very understanding on the Netflix show when it came to his daughter wanting to change her name. He said: “Everyone has free will, so for you to choose a name that gives you a better feeling of where you are today, I’ll respect that. That’s fine. I love you. You’re my daughter.

When did Yosef and Julia split?

Yosef Hendler and Julia Haart got married over 30 years ago in an arranged marriage. Julia was 19 years old while her husband was 24.

Julia Haart first marriage ended and she moved out of the ultra-orthodox community around 10 years ago when she was 42. During episode 1, she said: “Marriage was prison, I hated being married“.

Julia remarried in 2019 and she’s been with entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia ever since.

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Yosef Hendler has a new partner!

During My Unorthodox Life, Yosef reveals that he’s started dating following his split from Julia.

He and Aliza Schulhof had been dating three months at the time of filming and now they’re engaged as per Batsheva’s TikTok!

Aliza’s ex-husband was Julia’s orthodontist, Julia said during episode 9: “Wow! It’s a small world, that’s crazy!

She’s a party planner and can be found on Instagram @perfectplansbylisa with over 6k followers.

Yosef said: “She has a great relationship with her ex, co-parenting, what’s best for the children“.

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julia haart ex husband
Screenshot: Yosef Hendler, Aliza Schulhof My Unorthodox Life – Netflix



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