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Who is Julian Allen from Temptation Island? Football career, age and Instagram revealed!

Former football player Julian Allen is taking part on Temptation Island 2021 – here’s more about him, from age to Instagram.

Temptation Island returned for its third season in 2021, bringing a new cast of contestants who test the strength and love of their relationships.

One of the couples taking part are high school sweethearts Julian Allen and his girlfriend Kristen Ramos.

But who is Julian Allen? Here’s everything you need to know about him, including football career, age and social media profiles.

Photo by: USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Who is Julian Allen?

Julian Allen is a 26-year-old former professional athlete and fitness trainer.

He was born on May 31st, 1994 in Philadelphia to parents Tracy and Rob Allen and has a younger sister, Jordyn, and a younger brother, Jaden.

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The Temptation Island star and his girlfriend Kristen Ramos have been together for eleven years and their relationship dates back to their high school years.

They have been dating for a lot longer than other couples on the show but it seems that they are both not ready to take the next step.

Fans of the show are hopeful that they work things out and stay together in the long run.

Julian Allen: Football career

Julian played division 1 collegiate football at The University of Southern Mississippi. He also competed at professional level in the NFL/XFL.

The reality star works as a certified fitness trainer now and uses his passion for training to help others achieve their fitness goals.

“Health and fitness have always played a major role in my life,” Julian says.  “Since competing at the professional level in the NFL/XFL, I’ve developed a desire to help others reach their personal fitness goals.”

He provides different workout programs and meal plans on NJ Performance Lab’s website.

Meet Julian on Instagram

Julian’s Instagram profile is full of snaps from his football career, workout days and holiday posts to tropical destinations.

He also documents every part of his journey on Temptation Island, so follow along if you want to find where is he after his stint on the show.

You can find him on Instagram @thehybrid_86. Julian is also on Twitter under the same handle.



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