K Kapri's Instagram deactivated as Joseline's Cabaret reunion fight with Lollipop airs

K Kapri's Instagram deactivated as Joseline's Cabaret reunion fight with Lollipop airs

Since Joseline’s Cabaret first premiered on the Zeus Network, the show has seen more drama go down and fights kick off than reality TV fans could even imagine. The show first kicked off in Miami, then season 2 was in Atlanta and season 3 featured dancers in Las Vegas.

Lexi Blow, Rere, Lollipop, Jordan, Raven, BlckDiamond and K Kapri were all featured in the Las Vegas cabaret. The dancers all made it through the season of the show together, not without some beef along the way, but it looks like things have come to a head during the Joseline’s Cabaret reunion. K Kapri appears to have removed herself from Instagram from the show and she and Lollipop got into a physical fight during the show. So, let’s find out more about K Kapri’s Instagram and what happened at the reunion.

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Who are K Kapri and Lollipop?

K Kapri and Lollipop are cast members on Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas and appeared on the show since episode 1 which aired on January 16th, 2022.

Judging by the Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas reunion, Lollipop and K Kapri aren’t friends. There’s a division among the cast members in 2022 as Joseline took to Instagram on May 9th to thank BlckDiamond, Lollipop and Raven for being “loyal“, adding that she was “super proud” of them.

Giving an explanation on why she and Lollipop aren’t friends, K Kapri spoke to The Official King Pain in April 2022. She said: “It happened at Denny’s off-camera. We were at this hotel in Vegas and we hadn’t moved into the house yet. This was after the photo shoot and, I don’t know if she knows, I don’t know if ya’ll saw it but there was a little clip of me talking to Chanel. And candy on a stick goes ‘she needs to shut the f*** up’.

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K Kapri’s Instagram is down after the Joseline’s Cabaret reunion

The Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas reunion aired on May 8th. Following the episode, K Kapri’s Instagram page is deactivated and she doesn’t appear to be on Twitter anymore, either.

Lollipop’s Instagram page, @_biglollipop, is still active, however, her account is private.

Joseline’s Cabaret fans react to the reunion

The Joseline’s Cabaret reunion show kicked off on May 8th but not all fans were impressed with the amount of time dedicated to dissecting the drama on the stage and many said that there was too much behind the scenes and getting ready footage from the Zeus network.

Some fans enjoyed the drama which included K Kapri calling Lollipop “candy on a stick“.

Many people were divided over the cast members, one viewer tweeted: “I love Kapri, idc what nobody say“. But another said: “The girls this season are so annoying. Especially K Kapri. Talk about thirsty for camera time.

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