Kandy Muse whipped out a flag in a bid to become America’s Next Drag Superstar during the season 13 finale and her performance has got Twitter going crazy!

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 kicked off on January 1st on VH1. Thirteen drag queens battled it out week after week until the grand finale which aired on April 23rd 2021. Rosé, Gottmik, Kandy Muse and Symone all made the final four of the competition.

kandy muse flag
Screenshot: RPDR Netflix finale 2021

Kandy Muse makes the final of RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 came to an end on April 23rd 2021. In a Britney Spears themed finale, Kandy Muse battled Symone for top spot lip-syncing “Til The World Ends“.

During the performance, both drag queens pulled out a surprise element. Symone had hair accessories appear out the top of her head which Kandy whipped out a flag.

RuPaul crowned Symone the RPDR winner which was no shock as the season 13 contestant blew everyone away with her performance, outfit and matching hairpiece.

Twitter reacts to Kandy Muse’s flag

Twitter responded to Kandy Muse’s attempt at pulling out all the stops and let’s just say their Tweets were pretty savage.

One person Tweeted: “im so embarrassed for kandy muse pulling out a wee flag when symone had f***ing confetti popping out her wig lmaoo“.

Others said: “it’s Kandy Muse fumbling with her flag, like girl we could see you skskskkss“. And: “NOT KANDY MUSE WITH THE DOMINICAN FLAG REVEAL!!!!! I AM SCRREEAAAAMING“.

Summing up the finale, another person wrote: “Husband: Kandy Muse brought a flag and Symone brought a “Go Go Gadget Copter”!

Kandy Muse flag meaning

Kandy Muses’s use of a Dominican flag is relevant as she represented her roots during the RPDR season 13 finale.

Kandy paid tribute to the Dominican Republic which is not only personally important to her but also provides greater representation for minorities on TV who, she said in 2021, are often under-represented.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2021, Kandy Muse said: “I take pride in who I am, and being Dominican, I definitely incorporate that in my drag”.

Some Twitter users were pleased to see Kandy Muse use the flag as a prop: “Y’all don’t understand how happy it made me to see Kandy bring out a Dominican flag at her last lip sync“.