Kay Lovelle has been at the centre of attention on Big Brother 2018 over the last few days.

The 32-year-old got into a heated row with Anamelia Silva as their personalities severely clashed.

Now, Anamelia is in danger of facing eviction as she is one of three Big Brother stars with the fewest amount of coins, alongside Tomasz Wania and Cameron Cole.

The general public is expected to cast off the loud and passionate Anamelia if given the chance, leaving Kay Lovelle with a little more breathing space.

But is Kay really that timid in shy? Considering she’s an actress… perhaps things don’t add up.

Big Brother 2018 - Anamelia and Kay.

Big Brother 2018 – Anamelia and Kay.

Who is Kay Lovelle?

Kay is a 32-year old artist and actress.

She was born in Georgia before growing up in Moscow, Russia, and eventually moving to London as a child

She currently works as an artist, creating 3D wall sculptures and 3D phallic art. However, we stumbled across her IMDB account, where Kay has more actress credits than you may have expected.

Kay Lovelle the Actress

Kay’s acting career spans 14 years, where she has 11 acting credits on IMDB.

Most notably, working on a selection of TV series in both the U.K and U.S.A.

Her IMDB profile reads: Kay is a British actress of Eurasian descent. The separation of her parents prompted a move to Moscow with her mother. A few years later, the newly re-composed Lavrentieva family moved to London.


When asked about this period in her life, Kay only refers to it as a time where we pretty much existed upon the fringes, moving regularly and rarely settling in one place. However, she does admit that while it was a time of constant upheaval, it perhaps also represents, in many ways, a time from which she now draws a great deal of inspiration.

Kay has worked and travelled on both sides of the Atlantic in film, television and commercials, working with creatives as diverse as David Cronenberg to Dr Dre.


Kay Lovelle: Instagram

Kay’s Instagram is full of pictures related to animal activism and veganism, where she is a huge supporter of both.

We are yet to see any of these views rub off on other housemates, however, with Kay clearly packing some strong opinions.

Kay told the Daily Mirror:

I’m vegan, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. I feel like I’ve got to do veganism justice, and really alter people’s perception of it.

The artist also does voiceover work, modelling, and a whole of travelling.

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Is She Fake?

While it is too early in the series to brand her fake, it doesn’t feel as if we have met the real Kay Lovelle.

Perhaps Anamelia is simply an overpowering personality or perhaps Kay is yet to receive enough airtime.

Either way, she definitely doesn’t seem as shy and timid as we have witnessed so far.



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