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kayla sessler abortion

Did Teen Mom Young And Pregnant's Kayla Sessler have an abortion?

The Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant season 3 finale aired on Tuesday, November 23rd. The cast members, including Kayla J, Kiaya, Rachel, Kayla Sessler and co, are all going through some hardships as young mothers during the 2021 season.

The season finale saw Kayla Sessler consider getting an abortion. So, let’s find out more about the MTV star in 2021. Is she pregnant or did she go ahead with the abortion?

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant | Season 3 Trailer

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant | Season 3 Trailer

Who is Kayla Sessler?

Kayla Sessler is a 22-year-old reality TV star who appears on MTV’s Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant in 2021.

She comes from Illinois and her first child was born in 2017 when she was 18 years old.

The MTV star can be found on Instagram with almost 600k followers @kayla_sessler.

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Screenshot: Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kayla – MTV USA

Did Kayla Sessler have an abortion?

Yes, by the looks of Kayla’s Instagram page, she went ahead with the abortion.

During Teen Mom Young and Pregnant season 3 episode 12, “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back“, Kayla had to make a heartbreaking decision of whether to have another baby or get an abortion.

Kayla said during the show: “It’s so hard to see myself having three kids right now. And I’m just not sure what to do.”

Because Kayla already has children, she thought she had to look at what’s best for the ones she already has. She said: “I’ve already been struggling mentally already” and added that she was “exhausted“.

Speaking to her friend, Annabell, Kayla expressed that she felt guilty and pn the way to the abortion appointment, Kayla revealed that she was freaking out internally.

The MTV show saw Kayla and Luke head to her abortion appointment. She returned to the car where Luke was waiting with a bag and said that she “cried the whole time” so it appeared that she was going to go ahead with the abortion.

How many children does Kayla have?

Kayla’s main reason for opting for an abortion was because she said it felt like it was her only option as she already has two children to look after and described them as her “world“.

She added: “Plus, me and Luke aren’t in the best place. So it’s just not a good time to bring another child into the world.

Judging by Kayla’s IG page, she recently celebrated her 23rd birthday and is enjoying life with her two children, son Izaiah Cole and daughter, Ariah Jordynn.

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