Instagram hints Kylen and Jason are Unexpectedly still together in 2022
Screenshot: Is Jason Keeping Kylen Away From Her Parents? | Unexpected

Instagram hints Kylen and Jason are Unexpectedly still together in 2022

The TLC network is a one-stop shop for all things reality TV. From My 600-Lb Life to 90 Day Fiancé, Sister Wives and Dr Pimple Popper, there is no end of shows to get stuck into on TLC. In 2017, TLC launched a new show about teen pregnancy called Unexpected.

Given the success of other TV shows such as MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, it’s no wonder that TLC’s Unexpected is a hit in 2022. The show is onto its fifth season in 2022 and episode 1 premiered on March 6th. Kylen and Jason are one of the couples featured on Unexpected, so let’s find out more about the young parents from their Instagram pages.

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Meet Kylen and Jason from Unexpected

Young parents Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi are cast members on TLC’s Unexpected.

Their pregnancy and parenting journey has been documented on the show during season 5. Kylen is 17 years old and her boyfriend, Jason is a year older.

Speaking on the show, 18-year-old Jason explains how he and Kylen got together and stated that he was an “F boy“. In regards to their unexpected pregnancy, Jason said: “I wasn’t hoping to get pregnant this soon but I wasn’t disappointed about it. I was very happy about it.

The two had been dating for almost a year at the time that they appeared on the show and both appeared to be supported by their parents during the pregnancy.

Jason said that he was “wicked-hyped” when the pair found out that they were having a boy and added that he wanted to raise his son to be just like him.

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Kylen and Jason’s Instagram explored

Both Kylen and Jason have Instagram pages and the TLC stars have both taken to the ‘gram to share photos of their baby boy.

He was born on August 22nd, 2021 and was named Xavier.

Judging by Kylen’s Instagram page, she and Jason are still together. She writes Jason and Xavier’s names along with heart emojis in her IG bio. With almost 14K followers, Kylen can be found on Instagram @kylen.s_44__.

Jason is also on IG @jason__44_ with around 7K followers and often posts photos of Kylen and Xavier.

Kylen and Jason are Unexpectedly still together

At the time of writing, from exploring Kylen and Jason’s Instagram pages, it seems that the two are still together and making things work as a family of three.

Despite this seeming like good news, many TLC viewers have taken to Twitter to express how much they don’t want Kylen and Jason to stay together.

One person tweeted: “Please someone tell me Kylen and Jason are not together?

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