New ITV2 series You Vs Chris and Kem is designed to take both Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay out of their comfort zones.

Episode one did just that!

The Love Island series three stars have joined forces for their second spin-off series, touring the U.K to take on weird and wonderful challenges.

However, only 30 minutes into the first episode and poor Kem looked completely petrified.

Episode one was all about riding, as the pair headed to Northaw Races track for a camel race. Simply put, Kem does not like Camels!

Chris and Kem GRAVY wrestling is the best thing you will see today!


All Aboard Your Camel

We have no idea where Chris and Kem had managed to find it, but the Love Island series three boys headed out to a camel racing track.


An actual camel racing track.


Dressed in their finest jockey outfits – which Kem thought were clown outfits – the dynamic duo boarded their animals in very contrasting styles.

Farmer-boy Chris hopped onto his humped friend with ease – presumably because of all the practice he’s had when Olivia Attwood has the hump – while Kem approached his camel as if it was a p*ssed off crocodile.

Kem said: “I’m a bit nervous about safety and that though. Falling over and stuff, and what if the camel tries to like bite me?”




The Camel Race

Chris genuinely looked like a pro jockey as he and his camel galloped down the fairway.

Kem, however, in his oversized outfit, looked like a jockey doll that had been strapped to a sheep in some sort of novelty race.


He was flailing around all over the place in sheer fear.

Bless him!



You Vs Chris and Kem: The Winner

Chris surged to the front in the final few furlongs (if camel racing is like horse racing, we have no idea) claiming victory for the Love Island boys.


Kem slowly petered towards the end of the race track a few moments later, just about making it across the line alive.


Kem said: “I enjoyed it. I was scared though – I was hoping he would go a bit slower.”


Watch highlights from the You Vs Chris and Kem episode one below.

Although the victory gave them a 2-1 lead in the You Vs Chris and Kem series, the boys ended episode one trailing by a score of 3-2.

Roll on next week!

Screen Shot: You Vs Chris and Kem, ITV2, episode one, gravy wrestling
Screen Shot: You Vs Chris and Kem, ITV2, episode one, camel race

Chris and Kem GRAVY wrestling is the best thing you will see today!


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