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kenneth 90 day fiance ex wife

Kenneth from 90 Day Fiancé's net worth and number of kids revealed

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs weekly on Sundays on TLC in 2021. The spin-off show sees the US-based partner in the relationship relocate abroad to be with their partner.

Kenneth and Armando are a 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple who are still together in 2021. The pair are even considering expanding their family during season 3. So, let’s find out more about Kenneth’s net worth and how many children he has already.

Kenneth 90 Day Fiance net worth

Meet Kenny from 90 Day Fiancé

Kenny first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé in 2020 as he and Armando Rubio joined the TLC show for The Other Way season 2.

The 57-year-old hails from St Petersburg, Florida. During 90 Day Fiancé, Kenny packed up his whole life and moved to Mexico.

He left his large family behind, which wasn’t easy, but Kenny said he had faith in his and Armando’s relationship. He said:I do feel guilty leaving my kids and my grandson… I’m so happy but so sad at the same time.

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How many kids does Kenneth Niedermeier have?

Kenneth has four grown-up children. He has a son, Bricen, 26, and triplet daughters Madison, Cassidy and Taylor, who are 23 years old. When Kenny introduced himself on the TLC show, he said that his kids had “all moved out apart from Madison and his grandson“.

His grandson, Cooper, was three and a half when Kenny first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé.

Speaking of fatherhood, Kenny said: “Being a dad has been nothing but a blessing to me.”

Although Kenny has raised four children already and has a grandson and a non-biological daughter with Armando named Hannah, he revealed to his children in 2021 that he was considering adoption with Armando.

Kenny’s children seemed shocked at the prospect of his dad having more children after he said that he and Armando had visited some orphanages in Mexico. When his children questioned him, Kenny said:Remember Armando is 32, maybe all of his dreams aren’t fulfilled yet, either.

90 Day Fiancé | First Look Trailer The Other Way Season 3

90 Day Fiancé | First Look Trailer The Other Way Season 3

90 Day Fiancé: Kenneth’s net worth explored

Given that Kenneth has five children and a grandchild and he’s considering having more children, some viewers may wonder how he could afford to look after such a big family.

When Kenny first joined the TLC show, he worked as a property manager in Florida. It appears that he left everything behind to move to Mexico last year, so it’s likely that Kenny doesn’t currently have a job.

He makes money from the show and also via social media and his Cameo page. Kenny may live off his life savings as it appears he had a successful career. His net worth is estimated at $500,000.

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