Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew premieres on MotorTrend on 2nd July and features Hot Rod Garage’s Lucky Costa, keep reading to find out more!

Discover all you need to know about the upcoming MotorTrend series along with who cast member Lucky Costa is and more!

Kevin Hart Tours a Car Museum | Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew

Kevin Hart Tours a Car Museum | Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew

Kevin Hart is due to star alongside his comedy crew, The Plastic Cup Boyz, in a new MotorTrend series called Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew.

The Original Automotive Series contains eight episodes whereby comedian and producer Hart will delve into the world of car collecting, as he and his crew aim to launch their own automotive club.

Airing exclusively on the leading subscription service dedicated to the world of motoring, the series will be available on the MotorTrend App.

Who is Lucky Costa?

Joining Kevin Hart in the series is members of the Plastic Cup Boyz including John Clausell, Ron Everline, Spank Horton, Harry Ratchford and Joey Wells.

Lucky Costa is also due to feature on the show.

As a builder and co-host, he stars in MotorTrend’s HOT ROD Garage as the owner of Lucky’s Garage.

The public figure will serve as the crew’s house mechanic on the new show, guiding them through muscle car builds, while contributing to a crash course on car culture.

With over 194,000 followers on Instagram, @mobiletechlucky often shares motor-related content with his large audience.

He sure does seem thrilled to star in MotorTrend’s new series as he expresses excitement regarding his recent feature on the cover of the Hot Rod magazine!

On YouTube, Lucky’s Garage Show has over 83,000 subscribers and is full of mechanical content.

Catch a sneak peek of HOT ROD Garage’s Lucky Costa working with Kevin Hart and his Muscle Car Crew over on the MotorTrend YouTube Channel.

How to watch the show

Catch an early preview of Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew also on the MotorTrend YouTube channel.

Stream the Series Premiere which starts July 2nd on the MotorTrend App!

Although MotorTrend is currently unavailable in particular regions, including the UK, access the MotorTrend channel on Discovery+ which contains motoring mayhem and automotive adventures from your speed freak friends at MotorTrend.

More previews are also available to watch on YouTube, such as a glimpse of the SoCal events and clubs the Crew hits up to get inspiration on paint and stance for their cars.

Watch as Kevin drifts at the track in his upcoming show.

Head over to the MotorTrend app and social media channels for more of Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew!

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