Khadija Kalifa is one of the entrepreneurs on this year’s The Apprentice 2018.

Having survived the early round evictions, you could be mistaken for seeing Khadija growing quietly confident.

With a name that sounds like an Arabian princess, what is the origin of Khadija’s name?
Screen Shot: Khadija Kalifa – The Apprentice BBC1, series 14.

Who is Khadija Kalifa?

Khadija studied law at Middlesex University before going on to become a successful entrepreneur, with a handful of small businesses in the U.K.

Her main business is with Opal & Pearl Ltd, where she is the founder and director of the Peterborough-based company.

After launching in 2015, Opal now has 23 staff and a turnover of £72,000 with a £7,000 profit.

Khadija told Peterborough Today about her no-frills launch of the business:

I just Googled ‘cheapest business to set up’ and it suggested cleaning. So I spent £20 buying cleaning products and £20 on marketing materials and my eco-cleaning business Opal and Pearl was created.

Khadija also owns a company called Beaux Bebes Boutique Limited, which she is yet to invest in.

It coincides with her nickname of ‘mumpreneur’, where Khadija also blogs about being a mother of two and business owner.

How Old is Khadija Kalifa?

Khadija was born in October 1989, in Peterborough.

This means that she recently turned 29 years old.

She has two sisters and a younger brother, who is 26.

Where Does Her Name Come From?

Khadija is an Arabic name and one of the three most popular Arabic female names in the Muslim world.

In Arabic, the direct meaning is translated as ‘premature child’.

Kalifa means ‘successor’, ‘deputy’ or ‘steward’ and is commonly used among various Islamic religious. It also makes a great surname for someone competing in The Apprentice!


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