We all knew when Killing Eve would return for a second season it would be just as explosive and talked about as the first.

But one thing we’ve learnt after the first episode (Saturday, June 8th) is that the most talked about moments don’t necessarily come where you expect.

Here is everything you need to know about Villanelle’s pyjamas, which sent the internet on a search mission to find them!

Picture Shows: Gabriel and Villanelle

Villanelle’s pyjamas

In episode 1 of the second season, we see Villanelle (Jodie Comer) recovering from her violent interaction with Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh).

Whilst being treated in hospital, she donned a pair of fellow patient Gabriel’s comic book pyjamas.

As they were fit for a child, this obviously became a comic moment in the show. But the creators of Killing Eve could have never predicted that so many people would actually covet a pair just like Villanelle’s.

Are they real?

Most of the outfits seen on Killing Eve have been from designer brands. Think the iconic pink Molly Goddard dress!

But sadly for those looking for a pair of Villanelle’s pyjamas from season 2, they’ll have to look elsewhere as these pyjamas were custom made for the show.

But some lucky fans of the show are being treated to their own pair by the show’s creators, so here’s hoping if they’re popular enough they’ll release them to the general public!

Who made them?

In an interview with Elle, costume designer Charlotte Mitchell revealed how and why they made Villanelle’s comic book pyjamas from scratch.

Charlotte said the script intended for the pyjamas to be Spider-Man pyjamas, but issues with branding made it too difficult to use. So Charlotte created her own!

She said:

We looked around for fabric and found this amazing comic book fabric, which was a stretchy Lycra, so I could make them tighter and tighter. I added the red trimming on the sleeves.

And this sartorial move has inspired viewers at home to create their own pair. The original fabric used can be bought here from FunkiFabrics, who sell the comic book fabric for £18 per metre.

Similar styles

For those who are not in their power to make their own Villanelle pyjamas, we have you covered!

Here are some similar styles to get you feeling fabulous in your PJs and so your Villanelle look can be completed.


Although they are at the slightly pricier end of the spectrum, these Hush pyjamas are a pretty good match in terms of shape and can be yours here!

Screenshot: Hush – Star Piped Cotton Pyjamas


For something similarly starry, check out Boohoo’s two-piece PJ set here.

Screenshot: Boohoo – All Over Star Print PJ Set

Comic Book onesie

This one-piece’s fabric is almost identical to that of Villanelle’s pyjamas.

Unfortunately, they have sold out – probably fans of Killing Eve – but you can check if they restock here.

Screenshot: Comic Book Onesie

Wolverine Onesie

Another comic book inspired look is the Wolverine Onesie! Amazon sells the look, which you can get here.

Screenshot: Amazon – Wolverine Marvel Blue Onesie

Disney Store UK

Disney has some great sets of adult PJs and does a comfy Captain Marvel look for £21, which you can buy here.

Screenshot: Disney Store Captain Marvel Pyjamas For Adults


Matalan has also jumped on the superhero wave and have their own Marvel PJ bottoms. At just £9.60 these are definitely a steal!

Screenshot: Matalan – Marvel Lounge Pants


Go full-on Avengers in this pyjama look which you can buy here.

It can be all yours for just £14!

Screenshot: Sainsbury’s – Marvel Comics White Superhero Pyjamas


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